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4G technology subverts the new revolution of vehicle

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-13
The rapid growth of the vehicle monitoring market, in addition to the government's promotion, the development of new technologies will play a vital role in it. The vehicle monitoring system involves related technologies in many fields and industries, such as electronics, communications, computers, and control. With the continuous development and maturity of these technologies, the specifications of the vehicle monitoring system will inevitably increase, and the emergence of 4G transmission technology It can be said that it brings a new revolution to vehicle monitoring. 4G technology As we all know, the vehicle is always moving when it is working, and it is impossible to connect the cable to transfer the monitoring data to the monitoring center, and the supervisors cannot understand the data and the situation of the vehicle in real time. Respond and stop the violations and violations in time. In addition, because the monitoring point and data storage point are in one place; after the accident, the data is often damaged, and the role of video forensics cannot be played. In order to solve this problem, some professional car manufacturers have also tried to transmit data in real time through the GPRS network. However, due to the large amount of data generated by the monitoring data in real time, high-definition continuous transmission cannot be achieved, so the application of car monitoring is subject to certain Hinder. Vehicle monitoring In the face of this dilemma, the emergence of 3G transmission technology provides an important opportunity to solve this problem. At present, the actual transmission rate of the 3G network can fully achieve 4 channels of CIF, each channel 13-15 frames clear and smooth video transmission. The on-board video recorder can also perform D1 high-definition recording while performing low-stream transmission, which realizes an efficient combination of local high-definition recording and remote wireless real-time monitoring, and makes the practicality of vehicle monitoring reach a whole new level. At the same time, through the application of 3G, vehicle monitoring can realize real-time monitoring and storage of the remote monitoring center on the basis of audio and video transmission, and it also expands other more application functions, such as remote alarm function, vehicle driving abnormal state alarm, wireless voice function Wait.
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