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5 application areas you have to know about car DVR

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-17

In the past two years, various types of on-vehicle hard disk recorders (vehicle DVRs) have appeared on the market. Car DVRs belong to the market segment of traditional embedded hard disk recorders. It is applied with digital video and audio encoding technology in vehicles. An emerging special product developed. Car DVR has also welcomed many security companies, according to different industry application requirements, can be customized for a variety of functions. 

1. Analysis of customized functions of passenger transportation industry In addition to the simple on-board video surveillance function, the demand for in-vehicle DVR in the passenger transportation industry also requires wireless network video surveillance (to understand the real-time situation inside and outside the car), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle voice reporting station, vehicle driving information record, multimedia entertainment Advertising and other functions. 

2. Analysis of customized functions of police vehicles The main functions of the public security industry for car DVR are: video surveillance, wireless network transmission, PTZ control, etc. The traffic police pay more attention to how to carry out illegal evidence collection, the main needs are: license plate recognition, blacklist comparison and so on. Industries such as urban management and transportation management also have similar demands as traffic police. 

3. Analysis of customized functions in the financial industry Vehicle transporting vehicles in the financial industry require the vehicle-mounted DVR to work stably and reliably, and can instantly upload video and alarm information to the management center platform in the event of an emergency, and can interact with the monitoring center platform. 

4. Automobile electronic customization function The vehicle-mounted DVR should also be combined with related functions of automotive electronics. For example: the vehicle driving data collection and upload generally use CAN bus technology. The vehicle-mounted DVR should also have CAN bus access and analysis processing functions, and record the vehicle driving related information through the hard disk, and Analyze and process important data. 

5. Other vehicle-mounted DVR applications Rail transit, shipping, aviation and other industries also have real-time monitoring needs. In addition to adding hard disk shock absorption and reinforcement treatment, these industries also need to pay attention to the difference between the power supply used in such projects and the power supply of ordinary cars. For example: trains provide on-board equipment. The power supply is mostly DC48V or DC110V, while the ordinary vehicle power supply is DC12V or DC24V. 

Up to now, vehicle-mounted DVRs are widely used in public transportation, long-distance passenger transportation, school buses, engineering vehicles, container trucks, tourism buses, logistics and freight transportation, police law enforcement vehicles, trains, subways, ships, and aircraft.                                

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