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6 questions you must know about vehicle monitoring?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-20
1. Can the car DVR (vehicle DVR) withstand high temperature? Does it have the function of an aircraft black box? ????The operating temperature of the popular DVR on the market is currently between 0 degrees and 50 degrees. Because it is installed inside the car, its temperature requirement will be higher than that of the ordinary monitoring host, but it has not reached the level of an aircraft. The black box has such high temperature requirements; the main function of the on-vehicle hard disk recorder is to monitor the operating specifications of the driver and crew in the car, and monitor the abnormal conditions of the passengers in the car; at the same time, it can also serve as a good certificate for inquiries when the car has an accident. Because it can completely record the detailed video and sound of the accident, and even include the speed of the time and related car driving conditions, it can play a good role as a car black box. Vehicle monitoring ????2. How long does the car hard disk recorder generally record? ????At present, there are two popular storage devices for car hard disk recorders on the market: SD card and hard disk. The main feature of the SD card car hard disk recorder is good shock absorption performance, but the storage space is limited. The memory is relatively small, and the short video storage time is up to about 8 hours. In addition, the SD maintenance cost is large, and there is little hard disk popularization; the other is Ordinary computer hard disk mode, Texwell car hard disk recorder supports a maximum of 2TB, 2.5-inch hard disk, and supports remote real-time control through 3G / 4G / WIFI (optional), remote historical data download can be accurate to seconds, greatly saving time and flow. In addition, Texwell's body uses an aluminum alloy shell, and the internal and external mechanical shock absorption is a good solution to the problem of shock absorption and heat dissipation of the hard disk, which can better meet customer needs. ????3. What are the functions of vehicle monitoring? ????The main function of vehicle monitoring is to record the driving situation of the car in the form of video. In addition to the monitoring function, multimedia playback (advertising playback) is added according to the actual needs of customers. The speed, license plate number, and speed are superimposed; driver information is superimposed; in addition There are also GPS \ GPRS and wireless transmission functions that support multiple work operations (preview, video, playback, backup, network). ????4. Can the home camera be similar to the car surveillance camera? ????Because of the particularity of the onboard camera installation, there are certain requirements for the installation of onboard cameras, such as commonly used buses and passenger car camera installations. In addition to configuring different lenses and chips according to the needs of the monitoring angle definition, there are also Has the following characteristics: (1) The volume is relatively small and light, easy to install, and can not affect the passenger car environment; (2) It is convenient to fix, avoid some artificial moving camera angle, which affects the monitoring effect; (3) The structure has a certain seismic resistance; (4) An infrared light is needed to facilitate poor lighting or night monitoring; ????Therefore, we recommend using: small hemispheres with built-in infrared lights, conch cameras, etc. In addition, for some special vehicles such as urban vehicles, police cars, banknote transport vehicles, etc., different cameras should be configured according to customer monitoring needs. ????5. It is found that many car monitoring systems still use black and white cameras, why not use color? ????The first vehicle monitoring is a wired reversing system, and the reversing system is only a real-time preview of the situation at the time, without the need to record. In addition, it does not have high color requirements for camera monitoring; another reason is that the customer of Party A has just At first, it was just to see the demand for surveillance images. Its main features were cheap and cost-effective. With the maturity of the vehicle surveillance market and the further rationality of the needs of Party A, the surveillance requirements have been further improved. I believe that color cameras will be used in the future More and more. ????6. How much does it cost for a bus monitoring system of a bus? ????Under normal circumstances, the cost of the vehicle monitoring system mainly includes the following: host cost, camera cost, hard disk, wire, installation cost, different host equipment prices are different, different camera quantity prices are also different, the current host price in the market itself is different It is relatively large, because everyone uses different schemes and structural costs.
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