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Analysis on development status of infrared camera

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-27
Now 'HD' and 'infrared' have become the most popular product series in the front-end of the security monitoring field. According to the overall market shipments, the shipments of infrared cameras account for more than 80% of the total shipments of security monitoring cameras. The history of the development of infrared camera products is only 5 to 8 years. Before this, infrared lamps and security cameras were two markets that did not intersect. Now they have gradually merged into a specific, huge and booming market, that is, the security infrared camera market. As a monitoring front-end equipment, the development of infrared cameras cannot bypass the eternal theme of security monitoring: networking, high definition and intelligence. In addition to these three major trends, infrared cameras have developed in the following three aspects: 1. With the development of photoelectric, microelectronic, microcomputer and digital video technology, the security industry has moved from traditional simple analog to highly integrated miniaturization and digitalization, and infrared arrays will also be integrated and highly integrated. 2. The improvement of sensor's sensitivity to infrared induction and the development of NIR infrared enhancement technology further improve the details under black and white image quality, with less noise, richer details and stronger layering. 3. Laser night vision technology is one of the ways to realize remote night vision monitoring, because the laser has the characteristics of high brightness, good coherence, good monochromaticity, good directivity, long service life and greater induction of its wavelength than that of LED, the laser can illuminate a longer distance, and the light intensity is much stronger than the conventional light source. Driven by the trend of monitoring networking and market demand, infrared cameras have made real breakthroughs. With the progress of camera technology, night vision monitoring is still in further development. At present, it is limited by the cost, picture definition, application fields, and the unique properties of luminescent materials such as infrared light waves and lasers, infrared is still the best and most practical solution in the field of night vision monitoring, which can obtain relatively the best night vision monitoring effect and also show good effects in the field of road monitoring license plate, make up for the current gap in the market. The new generation of high-definition infrared camera technology will definitely lead to a new technological revolution in the field of night vision monitoring, which will continuously extend people's monitoring vision and meet the requirements of different application fields for night vision monitoring.
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