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Are there three major problems with vehicle monitoring

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-21
1. Insufficient clarity of car video front end The current on-board monitoring system is still the protagonist of analog monitoring. It is well known that the biggest disadvantage of analog equipment is the lack of image clarity. When there is an emergency in the car, the scene cannot be restored because the picture is not clear enough for the case handling personnel to follow up Analysis and processing often lead to an awkward situation where there is live video but the actual evidence cannot be obtained. Vehicle monitoring 2. The in-car DVR function is weak and the intelligence is insufficient Although the current vehicle DVR equipment has added multimedia, navigation and other functions on the basis of the original functions, the relatively independent stand-alone operating mode still greatly limits the function of the vehicle DVR. After all, compared to a complete monitoring system, vehicle monitoring with only one or two monitoring points does not have much value in single-machine storage. If the network is not introduced for external communication, its attractiveness will be greatly reduced. Although the current wireless transmission technology has been greatly developed, the 2.5G EDGE bandwidth is not enough, and the 3G technology is currently only suitable for transmitting 4CIF video, which also makes the car DVR's Internet access in a short time. Unreachable, but I believe the popularity of 4G will bring more bandwidth to the car. In addition, the intelligent development of devices is another important aspect of in-vehicle DVR to attract users in the future. Since the traditional video surveillance system only stores the data information and then extracts valuable information through later review, this is undoubtedly very passive in the work. If the vehicle-mounted DVR is given more intelligent functions, then not only can its own system have more autonomous working capabilities, but it can also be effectively incorporated into the security monitoring system of the entire city. In this case, the status of vehicle monitoring will undergo an important change, and vehicle-mounted DVR will also usher in a new mission. 3. The system has few overall functions and is not user-friendly At present, the entire vehicle-mounted system has a single function, which can only realize the real-time video situation in the car, video recording storage, and unified scheduling of the video center. At the same time, for some vehicle status records, danger prevention, vehicle information query, etc. The function of the service is still very few. These are the main reasons why in-vehicle systems can only be installed through national mandatory regulations.
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