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Artificial intelligence technology of car camera

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-06
Artificial intelligence technology At present, with the rapid development of AI technology, more and more car camera devices are undergoing an intelligent era ADAS function Through lane departure and distance warning Pedestrian and non-motor vehicle judgment analysis can prevent accidents caused by rear-end collision and lane change in-vehicle cameras Face recognition function Prevent drivers from joining posts Carry out more accurate assessment of the driver's appointment and departure in-vehicle cameras Fatigue driving warning function Identify whether the driver is tired and driving illegally through automatic analysis Driving a phone, eating, inattention, etc. Identify whether the driver is tired and driving illegally through automatic analysis in-vehicle cameras Seat belt recognition function Intelligently identify whether the driver is wearing a seat belt to prevent greater injuries caused by the accident. in-vehicle cameras Passenger flow statistics Through the statistics of the passenger flow of public transportation operations, it is reasonable to arrange line vehicles and vehicle scheduling during peak hours. Maximize the effectiveness of the vehicle's operating efficiency and reduce operating costs. in-vehicle cameras License plate model recognition function The law enforcement patrol car can carry out vehicle characteristic equipment, intelligently identify illegal vehicles such as robbery, illegal operation, abnormal violations, etc. and automatically alarm
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