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Brief introduction of working principle of GPS

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-18
The main functions of the GPS vehicle monitoring system are to control carjacking and car theft in the society, to assist the public security department to improve the efficiency of solving crimes, and to deal with emergencies and other issues. GPS vehicle monitoring system is mainly composed of vehicle host, server and client. The role of the on-board host is to determine the location of the mobile target through GPS and to pass the data through the network; the server is mainly used to receive positioning data and store it; the client is to access the server through the global Internet to extract maps and vehicle positioning information to provide services for users . After understanding the role of the three components in the GPS vehicle monitoring system, let's take a look at the working principle of the GPS vehicle monitoring system. The GPS receiver installed on the vehicle calculates the current position of the vehicle based on the received satellite information. The communication controller extracts the required position, speed, and time information from the signal output by the GPS receiver, and combines the vehicle identity and other information to form data The package is then sent to the monitoring center through the mobile operator's GPRS network. The server of the monitoring center receives the data sent by the vehicle-mounted machine, and extracts the positioning information from it, and displays it on the electronic map of the monitoring center according to the vehicle number and group number of each vehicle. At the same time, the system administrator of the control center can query the running status of each vehicle and dispatch the vehicles reasonably according to the traffic volume.
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