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Development of vehicle DVR

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-26
With the joint efforts of security personnel for many years, the concept of security is becoming more and more popular, the security market is becoming larger and larger, and the demand is becoming more and more detailed. Of course, security monitoring products are becoming more and more specialized. Some monitoring products aiming at special industries also came into being and began to be widely popularized, such as vehicle-mounted video monitoring. First, the development prospect of the industry. For China at present, on-board video surveillance is a neglected field. As a mobile public place with great mobility, buses, long-distance passenger cars, railways and so on are places with high incidence of public security and criminal cases. For many cities at present, they are blind spots of public security monitoring; Mobile video surveillance is also important in traffic management, traffic police duty, transportation and law enforcement, bank transfer and escort, etc; Similarly, for the taxi industry, video surveillance can make drivers feel more at ease; If a private car is equipped with a vehicle-mounted video monitoring system, it can play a very important role in anti-theft and traffic accident handling. Therefore, on-board video surveillance should be a very important and indispensable part of safe city construction. According to the latest statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales situation continued to maintain good development in the first half of 2007, with both production and sales exceeding 4. 3 million vehicles, reaching 445 respectively. 670 thousand and 437. 380 thousand vehicles, up year-on-year. 36% and 23. 31%. At present, the number of buses in cities across the country is about 400 thousand. According to the development plan of the Ministry of Construction, the number of buses in the country will reach 50-in 2010- With a scale of 600 thousand, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities have more than buses. Now all localities are implementing the 'bus priority' policy on a large scale, bringing opportunities for the implementation of bus monitoring. In 2006, China's automobile production and sales exceeded 7 million, and the rapid growth of production and sales figures and huge market capacity cannot be ignored by any company. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other places have begun to implement comprehensive bus monitoring. Beijing, Shanghai and other parts of the country are also preparing for research, which will give birth to a huge bus monitoring market. In addition, the current international anti-terrorism situation, the 2008 Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo, the rapid development of domestic society and economy, and the construction of a safe city are all the main positive factors that may affect the development of the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder market. II. Overview of vehicle-mounted video monitoring products vehicle-mounted video monitoring products can be divided into the following types according to functions: standard vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder: this is the most basic vehicle-mounted video monitoring product, like most general-purpose DVR systems, it is only a video playback function. After the accident, the party or the public security organ can extract the video data from the hard disk as an important basis and evidence for handling and solving the case. Multimedia vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder: in addition to video monitoring, it also has the functions of playing multimedia advertisements, movies, multimedia programs, etc. At present, bus mobile advertising is more and more favored by merchants. Therefore, most long-distance passenger cars will adopt this integrated product. Multi-function vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder: in addition to the above functions, it also has GPS positioning, driving record, car black box and other functions. With H. The emergence of 264 and the development of wireless technology even support CDMA/GPRS (Even the future can support 3G), Support wireless video monitoring. According to the function design of wireless transmission, in the event of an accident or case, the driver or flight attendant can press the trigger button and immediately link the 110 system to transmit live video (Or picture)Report GPS positioning, etc. Therefore, the police can immediately go to the police and immediately rush to the designated location. With these auxiliary functions, it is really called all-round monitoring. Third, the key technology of vehicle-mounted DVR the technical difference between vehicle-mounted DVR and ordinary DVR lies in the problem of shock resistance and power supply voltage stabilization. Shock Resistance: The car runs on the road. If the road condition is not good, it will bring about vibration problems. If the shock resistance is not done well, the first is that the hard disk reading and writing will fail, resulting in the inability to record, and even some products will be down, or restart continuously; In addition, it will cause damage to the motherboard and components of the machine, greatly shortening the working cycle of the machine. In order to effectively prevent earthquakes, in addition to working hard on the mechanical structure design of the chassis, the processing technology of the product itself is also very important. In addition, special methods can be adopted in the storage mode, minimize the risk of data write failure or data loss. Power supply voltage stabilization: Generally, the output voltage of a car is 24 V, but many people familiar with the car know that the output voltage of the car is actually unstable, however, the working voltage of most DVR requires a stable and fixed voltage value. If the voltage value changes, it may lead to system downtime, restart and other faults. Therefore, there must be a regulated power supply system between the output voltage of the car and the DVR. If the voltage is regulated well, the DVR system can work stably; If you don't do well, it is the problem machine. In addition, the data backup and extraction of vehicle DVR is also a great emphasis. At present, most of the practices are that the hard disk installation method adopts the drawer installation method and is equipped with a special key. The driver or the special person can regularly extract the hard disk and take it away for backup processing. At present, most DVR uses MPEG4 or H. 264 video compression method, so an ordinary hard disk can ensure that the video data of a car can be stored for one week or even half a month. Under the current wireless transmission technology, the cost and cost of transmitting clear video in real time and smoothly are slightly higher, but with the emergence of 3G technology, H is added. 264 video compression technology, this problem will be well solved. At that time, the era of three-dimensional monitoring will come. IV. Conclusion: As a high-tech enterprise with many years of research and development experience in security monitoring products, Shenzhen sodimai Technology Co. , Ltd. has been paying attention to the field of mobile video monitoring, and in this field, it has launched some on-board DVR monitoring products that meet the needs of the industry. The company's products have the following technical advantages: 1. The products adopt multi-level shockproof treatment, and the chassis, mainboard and hard disk are all equipped with shockproof treatment to protect the stability of the products mechanically to the maximum extent; 2. Specifically for vehicle-mounted DVR, more reliable and stable electronic devices and connectors are adopted to strictly control the processing technology and ensure the stability of the machine as a whole; 3. In addition, in terms of storage technology, a third-party backup method is adopted to ensure that the data can be saved without loss after the hard disk recovers its data writing capability; 4. The power supply system adopts specially designed industrial-grade on-board regulated power supply, supporting wide voltage (8-36 V) To ensure a stable power for the car DVR; 5, the product is cost-effective, the product series is complete, the product is more professional. As an emerging field in the domestic security industry, the development space of vehicle-mounted video surveillance is undoubtedly very large. Therefore, more people begin to pay attention to this market, and more manufacturers and products begin to enter this market. Based on the concept of 'Innovation is endless, service will always follow', Shenzhen sodimai will provide more professional products and better service for the vast number of users and create a safe and civilized automobile transportation environment together.
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