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Do you know the common sense of car DVR installation?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-25
In view of the strong vibration of the car, the hard disk video recorder must install a special shock-absorbing rubber gasket on the hard disk bracket and the fixed position of the car body, which can better reduce the damage of the car to the hard disk. The main board of the hard disk video recorder should also adopt an integrated single board to avoid the problem of loose connection of multiple boards due to vibration. It is recommended to buy a dedicated car hard disk recorder, and the storage medium is best to use electronic hard disk to record, which can effectively avoid the loss of data caused by vibration. Please pay attention to the following points during installation: Car video recorder installation ・ The vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder needs to get power from the battery, and it should not be directly connected to the engine; ・ Car DVR must be firmly fixed; ・ Car DVR cannot be installed close to the engine (too hot) or where it can not dissipate heat. At the same time of high temperature, pay attention to waterproof; ・ As for the installation location of the hard disk recorder, since the power supply of the car is installed in the front of the vehicle, and the strength of the car vibration during driving is the weakest in the front, it is a better choice to install the hard disk recorder in the front of the vehicle. 1. Data backup DVR should be equipped with network transmission function. When the vehicle arrives at the station, it can back up the recording data of the day through the network client software. It may be considered to configure a DVR that can extend the wireless network card to facilitate the network communication after the vehicle arrives at the station. Connect the external USB hard disk, U disk, CD-RW, DVD-RW through the USB 2.0 interface on the front / rear panel for data backup. The backup format is AVI file format. 2. Backup extraction Through the RJ45 interface of the hard disk recorder, the bus system can use a PC to extract and copy the hard disk recorder data when it needs to extract the recorded data. According to the number of cameras in the system, choose 4-channel embedded hard disk recorder. According to the power supply requirements of the entire system, consider the power requirements selected.
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