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Do you want to install a 360 panoramic camera

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-03
Many people will struggle with whether to install certain configurations when buying a car, such as the 360 ??panoramic camera that many high-end models have blown up recently, and some people say that there is no need to spend so much money to pursue this so-called maximum configuration , Some people say that this configuration is actually very useful, so look at what professionals say. In fact, this system is mainly composed of four cameras. There is a mid-net camera in front of the front of the car. There are two cameras under the left and right rearview mirrors. Both are lossy installations, not lossless installations. Of course, this part is generally not visible, no It will damage the integrity, there will be a rear camera at the rear of the rear license plate light; of the four cameras, the camera below the left and right rearview mirrors is a fisheye camera, which is a spherical shape, and the field of view is particularly large. The range seen by the two cameras is not so large. The four cameras collectively collect images. In addition, there is a signal synthesizer near the large screen of the central control. Integrating these four camera images into one screen, basically we will have a confirmation of the surrounding images before starting the car. Display the surrounding conditions of the car, whether it is reversing or moving forward, it will quickly switch the front and rear lenses, which can largely eliminate our visual blind spots, especially the blind spot of the A-pillar. Of course, many parts of the 360 ??panoramic camera will automatically switch to the part of the field of vision that we want to turn when the car turns left or right, which can help us see where the rearview mirror can’t see. The place will also help the car observe how to pass. However, the clarity at night is greatly reduced, and it is possible to have a street lamp, but the picture will be very blurred when there is no street lamp. In general, this system is still very helpful to eliminate the blind spots of our vision, but we also need to consider that there will be some slight delays in such a post-addition system. If we get off the car first and then use it, it is just ready to use, which also indirectly gives us a buffer time. Secondly, there will be a 2-3 second delay when turning on the turn signal, which can also be said to be an opportunity for us to turn on the turn signal in advance. This system will also default to the 360 ??panoramic camera priority. In addition, when it rains, the front and rear cameras are okay. Generally, there will be some drops of water on the left and right cameras, which affects the visual field, but you can wipe it back to use. Finally, the installation of this system is more troublesome. It is a lossy installation. You must punch holes in the car, especially your left and right rearview mirrors. Also, it needs to be threaded and the entire door panel needs to be removed. Due to the troublesome installation, the installation cost is also relatively expensive. In addition, the camera position may be slightly shifted after a period of use, which requires everyone to go to the store for alignment.
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