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Driving Recorder varieties too much how to select?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-26
At present, there are many kinds of driving recorders on the market and their functions are complicated, which makes it difficult for car owners to make quick choices. Straightforward Jun believes that the basic function of the driving recorder is the most important. Under the condition that the basic function is met, it is the wisest choice to select other required functions or specifications. Therefore, this article arranges and introduces the basic functional parameters of the driving recorder, and then makes a simple classification according to the installation method of the main engine or special purpose, hoping to select the recorder for each owner, can provide some practical reference. Basic parameters and configuration shooting resolution of driving recorder: now the most basic configuration starting point for 1080P cameras, and we have to realize that cameras of different quality, at the same resolution, the shooting effect may vary greatly. For example, for a camera with the same tens of millions of pixels, the effect of a mobile phone and a digital camera is very different. Therefore, although the resolution is important, the quality of the tachograph cannot be judged only by referring to the size of this point. Low light effect: the light changes greatly in the walking environment of the car, and the shooting quality under low light is a very important effect sign of the driving recorder. In addition to the lens quality, one of the most critical parameters that affects the weak light effect is the aperture size. The larger the aperture, the more light can be taken, and the effect will be clearer in low light. For example, in the earliest smart phones, when we chat with others in low light, we often cannot see clearly in the dark. Today's smart phones can be clearly photographed even in low light. The main reason is that the current mobile phone aperture has increased a lot. It should be noted that the aperture value is inversely proportional to the actual aperture size, such as aperture value F2. 0 greater than F1. 8 but F1. 8 aperture ratio F2. 0 is big. In short, in the night vision function, the smaller the aperture value, the better. For example F1. 8 night vision effect, usually better than F2. 0 is good. Some driving recorders also impose low-light effects through technologies such as Starlight night vision and matte night vision. This can have a more obvious improvement in the case of low light everywhere. But if it is used for monitoring, don't expect too much in a completely dark environment. After all, the recorder placed in the car cannot be compared with a special surveillance camera due to the limitation of production cost and power. Normal driving, or look at the camera quality, resolution, and aperture size, and the role of the aperture size I think is more critical. Time-lapse video: The number of video frames during normal driving is 30 frames per second, while time-lapse video only takes 1 frame per second. This function is mainly to save power and memory. Because the driving recorder needs to take electricity directly from the battery during parking monitoring, if the parking time is long, the battery may be short of electricity, which may cause the car to fail to start. Therefore, the power saving function must be considered in parking monitoring. In addition, parking monitoring usually has the function of battery power protection and detection. Visual angle: the visual angle ranges from 140 degrees to 170 degrees. The larger the angle, the larger the shooting range on both sides of the car body. The characteristics of this aspect can be selected according to your own needs. Whether it is equipped with a battery: because the car sometimes has a high temperature in the sun, if there is an inferior lithium battery in the car, there is some risk, so some recorders are simply not equipped with batteries, or take a good design, ensure the safety of the battery. Screen anti-glare: on the rearview mirror driving recorder, screen anti-glare is an important configuration. Because the recorder is used instead of the rearview mirror, when there is strong light behind the car, it is best to reduce the reflection of strong light and avoid interfering with the driver's eyes. The above are the basic functional parameters and configurations of the tachograph. There are many common types of driving recorders. Here is a simple division mainly from the installation method or special purpose. The first rearview mirror type driving recorder (See above) It is tied directly to the rearview mirror in our car, which has little effect on the layout of the car. The screen replaces the rearview mirror through the rear camera. The most important thing to choose this kind of recorder is the quality of the screen lens. In addition to being able to display clearly, it should also be able to prevent glare and reflect light to ensure driving safety. When choosing this kind of rearview mirror recorder, the screen must be selected, and the best size can be longer. Usually this kind of rear camera will be installed outside the car, so the rear field of view is wide. Compared with the normal rearview mirror, it has less influence on the blind area of the seat and the door post; In addition, some products can display the foreground and background at the same time, which looks more fashionable and has certain practicability. The second hidden recorder (Meet the map) , Is also more common, it is installed under the windshield in front of the rearview mirror, because its installation position is blocked by the rearview mirror, it also looks more hidden. For this kind of rearview mirror products, some manufacturers will develop a variety of special products for special cars, so it is also worth noting to choose a driving recorder designed for their car models. If you don't have the right model and don't lose heart, you can send your own model to customer service, because there are many models of rearview mirrors in the same form. The third type of hanging recorder, as shown in the following figure, can be hung on the windshield or skylight by pasting or clamping. The lens angle of some products can be adjusted. It can be concealed or decorative. This kind of hanging recorder was the most widely used in the past, but the screen in the past was very large and conspicuous in the car. However, some of the current popular designs will remove the screen to make it lighter and more beautiful. They can be connected, viewed and operated through the mobile phone App. If there is a monitoring function, within wifi coverage, remote monitoring can also be realized. There is also a lightweight design example, such as the driving recorder in the figure below, which is mounted on the windshield by pasting, and its bending angle follows the angle of the windshield, which has a very durable texture. Moreover, it has a flat and wide body shape, which can just configure a small screen in front of the driver. Compared with the round one, it can watch videos in real time without a mobile phone. However, due to the size limit, the screen will be relatively small, but its flowing color is also a beautiful decoration. The fourth is the 360 panoramic driving recorder. Sometimes the owner may hope that the driving recorder is not only the front and rear directions, for example, there are many blind spots on the right side of the co-driver. If the driving recorder can display the right side of the situation in real time, it can increase the safety of driving. Or when parking monitoring, you can monitor the outside of the car from multiple angles, which can better protect our car. This kind of recorder is installed in the same way as before, so we will not introduce much. The fifth type is the driving recorder placed above the center console, and the driving recorder placed above the center console is most conducive to observation in terms of driver's sight. Some will have front and rear double cameras, or increase the reversing Image function, which has a certain auxiliary observation function for reversing. In addition, there is also the design of the embedded center console, but these types of products coincide with the reversing Image function, so this article will not introduce much. The key to the selection of automobile driving recorder is to know whether its important configuration meets the requirements of driving records, such as clear recording effect, good monitoring effect, power saving and safety. If you select other functions after the basic requirements are met, you will not miss the key configuration.
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