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Five Reasons to Choose Car NVR

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-22
Video surveillance has entered the era of millions of digital high-definition, and analog surveillance cameras still have no intention of delisting. In terms of price and performance, how to choose a more cost-effective monitoring product? Today, Texwell Technology, which focuses on vehicle monitoring for 9 years, tells you five reasons for choosing digital vehicle monitoring. Car NVR The most critical component of the surveillance system is the front-end surveillance camera and storage device. The surveillance lens and the image codec are different, which will produce different effects. ??1. Car NVR Progressive Scan The digital camera uses progressive scanning and does not require deinterlacing. If the driver is a car thief, then under the condition of rapid movement, interlacing cannot record any characteristics of the thief. ????2. Megapixel HD images Digital cameras can achieve resolutions of megapixels or even higher. 720P HD and 1080P Full HD are no longer hotspots, and have now entered the 4K era (3840 × 2160). With the development of related new technologies such as H.265, While increasing the pixels of the digital camera, it also enhances the vertical resolution of the picture, making the details and levels of the picture more accurate. At the same time, it can be used with a wide-angle surveillance dedicated lens to achieve coverage of a larger surveillance range, display more picture details, and watch The experience is better. ????3. Zero wiring for network monitoring Car NVR first adopted network transmission, which not only solved the problem of monitoring transmission distance, but also solved the wiring problem. One network cable combines the video cable, audio cable, power cable and control cable into one transmission. The vehicle-mounted NVR solution can use wireless switches, wireless routers (with bridge function) and other devices to achieve non-wired transmission, especially PoE power transmission. Make the car NVR solution more flexible and convenient, saving wire and construction. ????4. Intelligent The video image is digitized, so you can make full use of the computer's rapid processing capacity to compress, analyze, store and display it. Through intelligent analysis of the video, you can find abnormal conditions in the monitoring screen, and the fastest and best Alert and provide useful information in a way that can more effectively assist security personnel in dealing with crises and minimize false positives and false negatives. The future development of the surveillance market lies in intelligent analysis, and it is only on the basis of high-definition surveillance that intelligent analysis can be brought into full play. ????5. Remote monitoring The network-based vehicle-mounted NVR system can achieve the purpose of remote monitoring. No matter whether it uses local wifi or a remote 3G / 4G network, as long as the Internet can cover the place, you can access the camera by IP address or account password. In the commercial field, monitoring and management can be strengthened, and in the civil field, long-distance video calls with family members are possible. In the era of digital high-definition, video surveillance products are continuously upgraded, and functions are continuously improved to meet the needs of more fields and different users.
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