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H.265 HD DVR has the following nine functions

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-03-26
H.265 high-definition hard disk video recorders are initially used in the fields of security and monitoring in finance and transportation. Image acquisition equipment such as cameras save required monitoring content in a specific format on the hard disk, so that any content can be selected for playback at any time. ? Definition of H.265 HD DVR: Since the storage medium is based on a hard disk rather than a traditional magnetic tape, we simply call it a “hard disk video recorder”. Through configuration, the digital hard disk video recorder can easily achieve data format conversion, encrypted storage, remote control, bit rate control, and multi-channel simultaneous recording and playback. These features based on new technologies in the electronics and communications industry in recent years make it completely suitable for monitoring. Replaces traditional video recording methods based on traditional tape media. These new features, especially their high reliability and reusability, are also very attractive to the TV production and broadcasting industry. However, unlike the electronic surveillance field, the requirements of the TV industry for video recorders are not only to have “recording” functions, but also to achieve “high quality” recording and playback functions. In other words, it is required that the image quality of the recorder must be at or near the broadcast level, that is, the digital video standard for the studio specified in the CCIR601 (ITU601) document, such as a sampling rate of 13.5MHz, a quantization bit of at least 8 bits, and a sampling ratio of 4: 2: 2, Standard data stream 27MB / s and so on. At the same time, due to different application areas, the television industry requires higher reliability, longer mean time between failures, and better maintainability for the use of video recorders. Therefore, the hard disk video recorders used in the television program production and broadcasting industry have many characteristics that are different from those of ordinary hard disk video recorders. Each company also makes different designs based on different considerations. Next, let's first analyze the overall system configuration of the broadcast-level multi-channel hard disk video recorder. ? The main functions of H.265 HD DVR: 1. You can drag the tree menu to make the man-machine dialogue more direct and set the parameters more conveniently. 2. The mouse scroll can achieve 15 times electronic magnification, and the enlarged image can be dragged (preview, playback) at will. 3. Instantly capture the picture, that is, grab and see; and set up an independent area in the hard disk to save the captured picture. 4. The video playback is displayed by the time bar, and the video type is indicated by color. It is very convenient to query the video. 5. Video backup can be backed up according to the time and length of the time, the backup can be up to seconds. 6. The files backed up by the U disk can be played back and inquired directly on the host, which provides more convenience for playing back the backup files. 7. Equipped with WIF wireless connection function. 8. Standard resolution, the resolution can be adjusted according to the display device to give full play to the image effect of the monitor. 9. Hard disk sequential writing method, writing data from the zero track, can improve the efficiency of the hard disk by 2.5 times.
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