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Have you noticed these?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-28
Many car friends have installed the function of reversing Image brand products, reversing rear view camera, reversing image camera, have you noticed these? The specific reversing camera manufacturer tuopifei will introduce you in detail. The rear view camera of the reversing image camera is installed on the license plate light of the rear license plate and is closer to the ground. If the car passes through the water, it is easy to roll up the sewage, and the camera that looks back is soiled. Drivers should pay attention to maintenance when using it. Remember to keep it clean and not rinse with water. Wipe it with a towel! Compared with the three-compartment car, the rear of the hatchback car is more easily affected by turbulent flow when driving, and dust and sludge on the ground are more easily rolled up and adhered to the rear of the car. Dirty the reversing Image head! Let's talk about the skills when reversing: If you don't pay attention to the inner wheel difference of the vehicle, it is likely that the front wheel is in, but the rear wheel is stuck outside. In this case, we need to consider the amount of advance for the rear wheel, so that the rear wheel can also directly enter the parking space. Take a look at the images in the reversing image and pay attention to the obstacles behind the car and the safety of pedestrians! Reversing environment: reversing environment also determines the texture of the reversing picture. In a dark environment, the reversing effect is somewhat affected. Compared with other environments, the picture is much more blurred. Driving in such an environment, car owners can't all rely on reversing images. At critical moments, they have to go down to check the surrounding environment to avoid blind spots. Installation position: the installation position of the reversing image camera also affects the final picture effect. Under normal circumstances, the camera is installed at the rear of the car, and attention should also be paid to the rear of the car, relying on the upper side will affect the texture of the reversing image, pay attention to the usual mud splash to the rear of the camera. Fixed effect: the fixed effect mentioned here is actually Stability. If the fixed position is unstable, it is very likely that the vehicle is affected by bumps while driving, and the picture flashes faster, as a result, the picture is not clear and there is a flash, so pay attention to the installation stability effect. Reversing has always been the weakness of car owners, especially new car owners. Reversing radar and reversing image have become indispensable equipment in travel. It is very important in reversing image camera. In addition to the quality of the product itself, these situations will more or less affect the texture of the picture, and the owner should pay attention to it.
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