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How about streaming media tachograph?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-27
When the streaming media intelligent rearview mirror first came out, it gave people the feeling that it was full of black technology. Everyone felt that the streaming media driving recorder was amazing. It had a great wide-angle view and a perfect large screen display, N 1 grades with improved rear view effect are full of love for this streaming media. Because it has changed the rear-view effect of the traditional rearview mirror for many years, it shows the picture-based streaming media driving record to the riders. One of the major advantages of the streaming media driving recorder is the shift of the camera position, which eliminates the visual interference of the rear window glass; Streaming media rearview mirror external rear lens non-stick water plating technology is the second, through the surface coating process to ensure that the lens does not touch water, oil, dust, fingerprints and other foreign objects. Solved the rainstorm weather, the lens is covered with water and the situation of the rear car cannot be seen clearly. Is there a feeling of seeing the moon through the dark clouds. The streaming media driving recorder has anti-glare technology, completely bidding farewell to the dazzling effect caused by the over-lighting of the tail car. The streaming media driving recorder automatically adjusts the rear light to ensure a clear line of sight. The high beam behind the car is dangerous, and the traditional glass rearview mirror is helpless; Some rear-mounted anti-glare rearview mirrors only add special coating, using the method of reducing brightness, but also lose a lot of dark details. The streaming media rearview mirror uses photosensitive elements and special algorithms to achieve anti-glare, such as integrating WDR HDR technology, automatically adjusting the light to comfort, and clearly restoring the rear environment. I am so embarrassed that I said that the streaming media rearview mirror is not good. Since streaming media tachograph is a black technology, I will talk more about its application functions today. It not only has a super built-in processor, but also supports a lot of APP downloads and applications, whether you want to listen to the Himalayas or you want to see TikTok, easy voice control, let you experience the effect of using it. When it comes to this, we have to say that the voice recognition function of streaming media is powerful, such as sibichi 3 carried by streaming media driving recorder T9. 0 speech recognition system, not only can accurately recognize Mandarin, even if you speak dialect, as long as you count the tunnel can also be recognized.
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