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How does a 4G wireless camera work?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-03-25
?4G wireless camera is a professional recording camera integrated system. This camera has a long life and small size. The application is simple to install and comes with a 12V DC transformer. Connect the power and directly connect the TV audio and video input to display the image and sound. This product outputs ordinary PAL TV format signals, and it also has a built-in electronic auto-sensing device that provides automatic light compensation. It consumes very little power and prevents image blurring and smearing. this ? Working principle of 4G wireless camera: 4G wireless camera is a new type of surveillance camera with wireless receiver embedded in the network camera. It uses a 4G network and complies with the IEEE802.11B / G standard protocol. 4G is a wireless network composed of APs and wireless network cards. An AP is generally called a network bridge or access point. It acts as a bridge between a traditional wired LAN and a wireless LAN. Therefore, any PC with a wireless network card can share the wired LAN through the AP. Even the resources of a wide area network, its working principle is equivalent to a HUB or a router with a built-in wireless transmitter, and the wireless network card is a CLIENT end device responsible for receiving signals transmitted by the AP. With APs, wireless switches can quickly and easily connect to the network, just like switches or routers in a wired network. In short, when a wireless AP or wireless router is connected to one end of the switch, one or more wireless cameras are installed within the signal coverage of the wireless AP / wireless router to form a simple wireless video surveillance system. The display and management are realized by the computer in the local area network, and the PTZ control signals are also transmitted wirelessly. If the wireless AP or router is connected to the Internet, after performing dynamic domain name resolution and port mapping on the wireless camera, remote audio and video monitoring can be achieved. ? 4G wireless camera use description: The scope of application is for criminal investigation, technical investigation, economic investigation, anti-drug, anti-smuggling, political security, national security, security and other departments, as well as on-site negotiations, television broadcasts, film and television command and other places. ? 4G wireless camera operation process: 1. Connect the lens cable to the host first. 2, turn on the host switch. 3. Connect the 12V power output connector of the receiver control box to the 12V power input hole of the receiver. 4. Connect the 12V lithium battery pack to the 12V input terminal of the receiver control box. 5. Connect the AV output cable of the receiver to the AV input port of the DV machine, and point the receiver box at the lens end of the DV machine and adjust the DV machine to the playback position. 4G wireless camera main features: 1. Support WEB configuration, OSD, and real-time video transmission. 2. Support real-time video transmission, support motion detection and IO alarm linkage front-end storage. 3. Support front-end storage playback / download. 4. Support upload alarm picture FTP server, send alarm picture to E-Mail. 5. Support remote monitoring of mobile phones; support P2P plug and play. 6. Complete SDK development kit.
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