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How to choose a high-quality car recorder manufacturer?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-17
If you are a traffic management department, a public safety department or a long-distance passenger transportation company, a bus transportation company or a private enterprise bus manager, or a logistics company leader, do you have more or less of these troubles: the flight attendants do not collect money when carrying passengers halfway Tickets, passenger transport companies have lost as much as 3-5 thousand yuan per car per month; bus driver thief reaches into the coin slot and other public transportation systems. Of course, in order to find a suitable solution, a lot of time was wasted in the car monitoring manufacturer, and then let the Tswell editor tell you how to choose a high-quality car recorder manufacturer. Car video recorder The first category is professional R & D and production. Such enterprises are completely independent of R & D and design products. They have at least 3 years of experience in R & D of in-vehicle hard disk recorders. Such enterprises may have fewer products, but the product quality can be trusted and customers can get a lot Follow-up technical support; The second category is production and processing. Such enterprises generally use the public board solution for production. The public board solution is provided by chip manufacturers for the promotion of chips. It is evolved from the function demonstration board. Generally, it is only to realize the function, but the stability is difficult. It is guaranteed that such enterprises can reduce costs through mass production, but product quality and subsequent technical support are often unsatisfactory; The third category is OEMs. Such manufacturers purchase products from other companies and sell them under their own brand, which is almost blank in technology. In addition, there is still a freak in the car DVR market. They generally do ordinary desktop DVRs. Simply change the ordinary desktop DVR and sell them as car DVRs. Such products are not professional car DVRs, so this is why Class manufacturers do not discuss.
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