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How to choose HD TV recorder

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-03-30
High-definition TV recorder, also known as digital TV set-top box high-definition hard disk video recorder, is a more family-friendly model that is diverted from many video recorder product models with the popularization of high-definition digital TV set-top boxes and high-definition hard disk recorders. The HD video recorder described in this article is a true HDMI input HD video recorder, not an analog standard definition video recorder in the general surveillance field. There are roughly two types of HDT and WHD series of HDMI input HDD recorders currently on the market, with a total of more than 30 models. These two types of video recorders basically cover all areas of high-definition video recording in industries such as homes, organizations and hospitals. This article is a brief description of the personal home users to buy high-definition television recorders for digital TV set-top boxes. First, the basic situation of the current TV set-top box At present, households watching TV programs basically rely on three methods: digital TV set-top boxes sold by radio and television, Internet TV set-top boxes purchased by individuals, and satellite TV receivers installed by individuals. There are also a small number of households using analog standard-definition TV boxes sold by early broadcasters. The first three viewing methods are already the mainstream. The TV boxes used have HDMI high-definition output interfaces. Only analog TV boxes in individual households have AV output interfaces or component outputs. The HDMI output interface transmits 1080P high-definition video signals. This interface is used to record TV programs with the best definition and strongest stability, followed by the component output interface and the AV output interface. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use the HDMI output interface to record TV programs. There is indeed no HDMI output interface to choose color difference or AV. The digital TV set-top box sold by Guangdong TV has the best definition of TV programs and the strongest stability. Most of the video output resolution frames are in the 1080I60hz range, which basically does not exceed 1080P24hz. Only a few CCTV HD channels reach 1080P24hz. The definition of TV programs watched by satellite TV receivers is basically the same as that of digital TV set-top boxes, but it is not as stable as digital TV set-top boxes. The network TV set-top box, because it is a network video signal transmitted, most of the video resolution is between 640P-1080I, which is much worse than the former two. At the same time, due to the uneven network speed, the smoothness and stability of playback are also Not as good as the first two methods. No matter what kind of TV box, you can basically enter the system settings and flexibly adjust the resolution frame number of HDMI output. 盒子 The resolution of these boxes basically have 1080P60hz, 1080P50hz, 1080P24hz, 1080I60, 720P60 and other output resolution frame number options, which can be adjusted according to the parameters supported by the connected TV. This function of the TV box also brings convenience to the selection of TV hard disk recorders. If the guest ’s own TV box does not have the output resolution frame number option, you must first understand the fixed output resolution frame number of your box, and select a supported HD TV recorder based on this data, because the TV recorder supports the input video resolution frame number Is different. Current standard TV set-top boxes include genuine Blu-ray high-definition players, most of which are embedded with the HDCP protocol, that is, the encryption function is embedded, and the output video signals can only be embedded in the LCD TV display that supports the HDCP protocol. Therefore, when purchasing a video recorder, you must choose a model that is compatible with the HDCP protocol and can record all types of encrypted video. 2. What are the current HD DVR models suitable for recording TV set-top boxes There are many models of hard disk video recorders currently on the market that support HDMI, component, and AV input. However, due to the different positioning of the machine functions, not all are the most cost-effective models for recording TV set-top boxes. Because many of these models are feature-rich and have many input and output interface terminals, they are used in video conferencing areas with higher video requirements. It is not impossible to record TV set-top boxes for home use, but it is slightly overkill and spends a lot more money. High-definition hard disk recorders have HDMI input interfaces. At present, the HD video recorder models suitable for home use include Chunyuan Liying HDT-1B, HDT-6B, HDT-6BS, HDT-3 and other models. As far as the digital TV set-top boxes of the most widely used radio and television in homes at present, the use of HDT-6B or HDT-6BS is the most cost-effective. These two models have HDMI and AV input interfaces and HDMI output interfaces, which support the use of LCD TVs. If the set-top box at home is the old color difference output interface, you can only choose the HDT-1B video recorder model (the current price does not include hard disk more than 2,000 yuan), because HDT-1B has 1 channel color difference in addition to HDMI and AV input interfaces. input interface. If the family needs to record a desktop computer with VGA output in addition to the TV set-top box, you can choose the HDT-3 model (the current price does not include a hard drive of about 3000 yuan), because the HDT-3 has HDMI and AV input interfaces. In addition, there is one VGA input interface. The output interfaces of these models are only one HDMI output interface, and they only support the use of LCD TVs with HDMI input interfaces, all compatible with HDCP protocol. If the TV at home does not have an HDMI input interface and only an AV input interface, if you want to connect a high-definition video recorder, you can only choose a relatively higher price HDT-2B model (the current price does not include hard disk more than 3,000 yuan), because HDT-2B's In addition to the HDMI interface, there is also an AV output interface. Third, the best cost-effective recorder models for recording TV set-top boxes Given that most home users currently use radio and television digital TV set-top boxes and LCD TVs, Chunyuan Liying HDT-6B or HDT-6BS video recorder is the most cost-effective model. (一), HDT-6B 机 This machine supports TV set-top box with HDMI or AV output to connect input video, and supports LCD TV with HDMI input interface to connect output display. Support 1080P24hz high-definition video input, the recorded video is 1080I60―1080p24. This machine can not have a built-in hard disk, support USB external mobile hard disk or U disk video, the maximum support is 2TB. The video recorder has the function of automatically formatting the hard disk. It has four video quality options. Based on the standard video quality, it occupies 4GB of hard disk space per hour and automatically generates new video files for each recording of 3.98GB. The recording file format is H264, and the file display name is DAT suffix TS. It supports seamless playback after recording. You can insert the mobile hard disk into your computer for copying, editing or playing. 面板 The panel of this machine has a button to start recording and end recording. A full-featured remote control is included. Support one-click recording at any time, scheduled recording, support recording while watching, recording while watching, with time shift function, compatible with HDCP protocol, support recording all kinds of encrypted video. 机 The machine is small and exquisite, exquisite and beautiful. At present, the retail price is only about 1800 yuan (excluding hard disk). It is the cheapest model among all HDMI input HD recorders. (二), HDT-6BS 机 The difference between this machine and HDT-6B is whether it can be built-in hard disk. HDT-6B can only connect to external hard disk or U disk for recording, while HDT-6BS supports internal and external hard disk recording. When the product leaves the factory, a 1000GB 2.5-inch hard disk core is already built in, and guests can use it when they buy it home. At the same time, it supports USB external mobile hard disk or U disk recording. Built-in or external hard drive supports up to 2TB. Due to the built-in hard disk, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine, the product has a built-in silent temperature control fan. When the temperature of the machine reaches above 40 degrees, the fan automatically turns on the blower, and when it is below about 40 degrees, the fan automatically stops. Other functions are the same as HDT-6B. How to choose HD TV recorder 机 The appearance of this machine is the same as HDT-6B. Even if a 1000GB hard disk is built in, the retail price is less than 3,000 yuan, and the price is very good. Since the highest resolution frame input supported by HDT-6B or BS is 1080P24hz, there is no problem for a conventional digital TV set-top box. If the number of resolution frames output by the default set-top box of some homes exceeds 1080P24hz, the recorder cannot find it. To the video signal. In this case, use the remote control of the TV set-top box to enter the system settings of the set-top box, and adjust the HDMI output resolution to 1080P24hz or below. If the TV set-top box in your home is special, and you cannot adjust the output resolution frame number, and the default output exceeds 1080P24Hz, you cannot directly use these two video recorders to record, and you need to decode them before decoding. The current decoder is divided into 01 and 02 models. The 01 decoder can decode 1080P60hz video to 1080P24hz, and the current price is about 1800 yuan. The 02 decoder can decode 1080P60hz to 720P, and the current price is about 300 yuan. If you feel that the pre-decoder is redundant, you need to choose a more expensive HD video recorder model that supports decoding input 1080P60hz. The price of this high-end machine is generally more than 10,000 yuan. HDT-6B or BS two models, basically meet the needs of ordinary households to record TV programs, easy to operate, stable performance, especially affordable, generally acceptable to families, has become the representative model of high-definition TV recorders. Fourth, the difference between HD TV recorder and video conference hard disk recorder Although they are also devices that support HDMI input for 1080P high-definition recording, video conference recorders have more powerful functions, more input and output interfaces, richer video operations, and better audio and video recording performance. The main differences are: 1, Does it have the function of pausing recording? In the normal recording state, when encountering advertisements or other videos that do not need to be recorded, press the pause button once to temporarily stop the recording, and press the resume recording again to record again. The video recorded before and after is a file. Chunyuan Liying's video conference recorders all have this function, while TV recorders do not. 2 、 Whether it has no delay output function Due to the need for motherboard decoding, there is a one-second delay before and after the video source is input to the recorder and then output to the TV. (This phenomenon cannot be seen in the recorded audio and video files). This is a delay phenomenon. In video conference, in order to ensure the perfect consistency between remote and local video, this kind of delay cannot occur. Therefore, Chunyuan Liying video conference recorder has built-in no-delay output function. TV program recorders do not have such a delay-free output function. 3. Does it have a mixing function? Mixing function is a function that can record more than one audio signal to the video recorder, but it can be mixed with the video signals input simultaneously and perfectly. Chunyuan Liying video conference recorder has built-in mixing function in order to realize remote and local and simultaneous recording of different audio sources and video simultaneously. It has built-in mixing function, but TV recorder does not have this function. A TV recorder can only record audio and video simultaneously when the audio and video are from the same signal source or when different audio and video sources are input, but cannot mix multiple audio signals into one video. 4, whether the microphone dubbing function is embedded Video conferencing video recorders can be manually dubbed by external microphones, but TV program recorders are not. The microphone function of Chunyuan Liying Conference Video Recorder HDT-9 is very powerful. Not only the sound volume of the microphone dubbing is balanced and loud, but also the first audio adjustment knob, which can be flexibly adjusted. 5. Does it have the function of automatic recording at startup? 有 Some models of video conference recorders have the function of automatic recording at power-on, while TV recorders do not. Chunyuan Liying's HDT-2B, HDT-9, and WHD conference video recorders are equipped with the function of automatic recording at startup. 6. The input and output terminals of the video conference recorder are more comprehensive. TV program recorders generally only have HDMI and AV input terminals, and the output only has HDMI output interfaces. The video conference recorder covers HDMI, AV, component, VGA, DVI, SDI and many other terminals, supporting more video broadcast equipment recording and playback. For example, the input interface of the conference recorder HDT-5C has four interfaces of HDMI, AV, VGA, and DVI, while the WHD series recorders can simultaneously input up to four different signals for simultaneous recording. 7.High-end video conference recorder supports higher input resolution frames General video conference video recorders support the same number of input resolution frames as home TV recorders, but high-end video recorders can support 1080P60hz high-definition video input recording. For example, HDT-5, HDT-5S, WHD and other conference video recorders support 1080P60hz. Enter. 8. The price of video conference recorder is much more expensive than TV recorder Because the function of video conference recorder greatly exceeds that of TV recorder, the cost increases and the price is much higher. For example, the cheapest video conference recorder HDT-2B is also priced at more than 3,000 yuan, while the more versatile HDT-5C is 6,000 yuan or more. The high-end HDT-5 is priced at more than 30,000 yuan, and the HDT-5S is priced at more than 100,000 yuan.
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