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How to distinguish between a monitored hard disk and a normal hard disk?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-28
As the security monitoring industry continues to grow, the importance of monitoring hard disks is increasingly prominent. So, how much is the difference between monitoring hard disks and ordinary hard disks? Why do you have to choose a professional monitoring hard disk? In order to answer this question, we might as well take Seagate SV35 monitoring hard disk as an example to compare the difference between professional monitoring hard disk and ordinary hard disk, by the way, this SV35 is currently the only professional monitoring hard disk that has been strictly tested and qualified by the Ministry of Public Security security and police electronic product quality testing center. From the practical application, the difference between the monitoring hard disk and the ordinary hard disk is mainly reflected in the four aspects of power supply, heat dissipation environment, data reading and writing and working time. Ordinary hard disks are designed to work for a short period of time. Monitoring hard disks work around the clock. Monitoring often requires continuous and continuous operation of hard disks. At this point, ordinary hard disks are quite different from monitoring hard disks. Ordinary hard disks are designed to work continuously for 5*8 hours, that is, for 5 working days, hard disks work for 8 hours per working day. Judging from this data, ordinary hard disks are not suitable for continuous reading and writing for a long time. If you read and write continuously for a long time, you will inevitably suffer from problems; The monitoring-level hard disk can achieve continuous work for 7*24 years, with an average trouble-free time of 1 million hours. Therefore, in terms of stability and reliability, the monitoring hard disk is undoubtedly superior. Ordinary hard disk power management is poor, monitoring hard disk Power Management is stricter, monitoring often requires multiple hard disks to be installed at the same time, if there is no good power management, power consumption and security will have hidden dangers. The instantaneous current of ordinary hard disk startup will reach 2. 5 Ann, even higher. However, the current when the monitoring hard disk is started will be controlled at 2 amperes, and a low-power power supply can be used to avoid burning down due to excessive instantaneous current. In addition, Seagate SV35 also has power optimization function, which can switch to low power consumption mode when the hard disk is idle, thus saving power. Ordinary hard disks have poor heat dissipation environment, good heat dissipation environment for monitoring hard disks, and different requirements for the number of hard disks for monitoring, but there are often several or even many hard disks. Under this background, there are higher requirements for the heat dissipation environment. The power consumption of ordinary hard disks is 14. About 5 W, it is not a big problem to install a hard disk in a host computer, but for monitoring such an extreme environment that requires multiple hard disks, the heat dissipation problem caused by this power consumption cannot be ignored. Seagate SV35 has very low power consumption, 2TB of working power consumption <5 W, and the heat dissipation is naturally very low. Installing multiple hard disks will not have too high power consumption, ensuring a relatively good heat dissipation environment. Ordinary hard disks pursue seeking fast, while monitoring hard disks pursue lasting stability. The biggest feature of monitoring is that it requires hard disks to write continuously for a long time, but it does not require too much data reading. At this point, ordinary hard disks cannot meet the requirements at all in design. Ordinary hard disks often read and write random small files in the household environment, pursuing fast seek speed, while Seagate SV35 monitoring hard disks are suitable for continuous writing of large files and have good stability.
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