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How to purchase home monitoring equipment?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-28
With the development of society, some small enterprises, retail stores, restaurants and families may use video surveillance equipment. In response to these needs, many manufacturers have now launched civilian security monitoring products. In the face of many video surveillance products, how should ordinary users choose? What factors should be considered when purchasing? These friends who are first exposed to video surveillance products may feel confused. In fact, buying monitoring products and selecting systems is the same as buying a mobile phone. Different families have different needs. However, unlike mobile phones, mobile phones are single products, while monitoring systems include functions such as cameras, video transmission, storage, and display, not a single product can handle it. Moreover, according to local conditions, different types of units will have different installation positions for cameras. Therefore, before determining the product matching, we should determine our own prevention requirements, understand relevant product knowledge, and determine the product matching scheme according to the actual situation. When conditions permit, it is best to draw a simple product matching and installation plan, listing the installation location, installation method, accessories, etc. of each product, in order to avoid the lack of East and West during installation and affect the installation. Step 1: decide whether to use PC capture card or DVR/NVR as your host computer. For users who have computers at home, especially desktop computers, the 'PC capture card' method can reduce costs, of course, the price is not the first, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both sides: the advantages of using PC acquisition card: you can make full use of your original home computer (Configuration meets board requirements) , Each monitoring card has different requirements for PC system, it is best to use INTELP4 CPU and chipset, and this PC can also be used for general purposes. The disadvantage is that the hard disk space required for video files is large. If you need a long-term application, you need to use a professional hard disk video recorder. DVR/NVR hard disk video recorder: Compared with traditional analog video recorders, hard disk video recorders have greater advantages, which are shown in the following aspects: the recording time is long, and the maximum recording time depends on the capacity of connected storage devices, generally up to hundreds of hours; The number of supported video and audio channels is large, and several channels, more than ten channels, or even dozens of channels can be recorded at the same time; The quality of the recorded image will not deteriorate with the passage of time; The function is more abundant, not as single as the traditional analog video recorder. Different application fields have different functional requirements for hard disk video recorders. For example, the hard disk video recorder used in the monitoring industry should have the following functions: compression function, video recording function, playback function, backup function, network function, pan-tilt head, lens control function, alarm input and output, etc. Hard disk video recorders designed and produced by different manufacturers do not necessarily have all the functions listed above. Step 2: Decide how many cameras are needed to determine the image quality of the cameras. The apartment types are different, the fields that need to be monitored are different, and the cameras we need are also different. Therefore, we must first determine the monitoring points. Then, according to the specific situation of each monitoring point, the picture quality requirements of each monitoring camera are determined, and the number of cameras in the home monitoring system is determined. Step 3: whether the camera should have night vision function, there are many kinds of cameras used for monitoring, which look dazzling. We also need to monitor the brightness of the place (Illuminance) Situation and whether night monitoring is required to determine the type of surveillance camera used. If the ambient brightness of a certain monitoring point is relatively low or needs to be monitored at night, we need to determine the camera of this monitoring point as an infrared camera; If some places need to adjust the camera lens position, we may need to rotate the pan/tilt; For ordinary cameras that do not require night vision or zoom lenses, you can purchase ordinary cameras. Step 4: whether it is wiring or wireless, beauty is also a very important consideration for home monitoring. In addition to the price, the wireless network does save the trouble and unsightly of the camera cable, but it needs to pay attention to the problem of distance and obstacles. In principle, cement building materials will shorten the wireless transmission distance, while metal materials will completely mask the wireless signals. The transmitter (On the camera side)With the receiver (On the host side) Stay away from other electrical appliances to avoid interference. If we want to use a wireless network, we have to measure it carefully. It should be noted that we must accurately measure the distance between each camera and the host, which is an essential step for wired or wireless monitoring. Step 5: The function and price function of the camera have been realized, but what about the price, can you get your own approval? Generally speaking, cameras with special functions, such as infrared functions, such as zoom function, will raise the price of the camera. If you feel that the price of the whole monitoring system is rising, it is necessary for you to understand your needs, such as the desired image quality, the light at night, the distance to be shot, select the appropriate camera according to these factors. Step 6: look at after-sales service. At present, the threshold of the security market is relatively low and the competition is fierce. The products are all in the middle. In the end, it is actually the service. The most important thing is the after-sales service. How long is the warranty? Who is looking for a fault? Of course, you need to understand these, not necessarily say that big brands are good, it is best to check the word of mouth, so that you can know what you are doing.
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