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How to purchase the car monitoring video recorder correctly?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-28
Nowadays, industries such as urban public transport, long-distance passenger transport, traffic management, transportation administration and law enforcement, and bank escort are increasingly demanding on vehicle-mounted video recorders. Facing a brand-new and huge vehicle-mounted Monitoring Market, many engineering companies are worried about how to choose products. Many engineering companies are afraid of car engineering because they have used inferior products. How many engineering companies have used inferior products because of after-sales service, as the market is full of various on-board video recorders, many manufacturers have changed the ordinary desktop hard disk video recorders to be sold as on-board hard disk video recorders, which has seriously affected the normal development of the on-board monitoring industry. The small editor briefly describes several ways to choose a car-mounted video recorder, aiming to throw bricks to attract jade, and also hopes to make a modest contribution to standardizing the car-mounted monitoring industry. First we have to talk about car video recorder enterprise at present domestic quite many so-called of car video recorder enterprise nominal a no R & D ability two no professional technology pure is fish in troubled waters, the pursuit of short-term interests will go away, and the user bought these unsecured products is 'a pity for eating and abandoning '. I think the current manufacturers of vehicle-mounted video recorders can be divided into three categories: the first category is professional research and development and production. Such enterprises have completely independent research and development and design products, and have at least 3 years of experience in research and development of vehicle-mounted video recorders, such enterprises may have fewer products, but the product quality is reliable, and customers can get a lot of follow-up technical support; The second category is production and processing. Such enterprises generally use the public board scheme to produce. The public board scheme is provided by chip manufacturers to promote chips. It is evolved from a functional demonstration board and generally only realizes functions, however, the stability is hard to be guaranteed. Such enterprises reduce costs through mass production, but the product quality and subsequent technical support are often unsatisfactory; The third category is OEM, which purchases products from other companies and sells them under its own brand, which is almost a blank in technology. In addition, there is still a freak in the car-mounted hard disk video recorder market. They usually do ordinary desktop DVR, and sell ordinary desktop DVR as a car-mounted hard disk video recorder, such products do not belong to professional vehicle-mounted video recorders, so such manufacturers are not discussed. Professional vehicle-mounted video recorder research and development manufacturers are the premise of selecting products, so how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of products? The following will be analyzed from the aspects of product function, file system, power supply processing and shockproof processing. The stability of the product is a comprehensive factor, unlike some manufacturers' propaganda that the most important thing is power supply design, or shockproof design, or file system design, in fact, every point is very important, any design defects will affect product stability. The function of the car-mounted video recorder should first be clear: the video data should reach D1 (720*576) Resolution, if the video is not clear, there is no meaning of monitoring. Secondly, power saving function is required: when the vehicle stops running, if the vehicle-mounted video recorder runs for a long time, it will cause certain consumption of the vehicle battery, which will easily lead to the vehicle's power loss and failure to start, the service life of the battery is reduced and the cost of the car is increased. Perhaps some engineers will solve the problem by connecting the power supply to the switch, but by doing so, the driver can control the switch of the equipment and cannot fully monitor it, in addition, power failure of the equipment will cause great damage to the hard disk, reduce the service life of the hard disk and increase the cost. The company's products fully take this into account, and the power consumption is less than 1W in the power saving state. Third, we need to have automatic video recording function: We all know that it is a little effort for customers to press the video recording key, but customers often forget this key press when they actually use it, then tell you that the equipment does not have video materials, and the customer is God, so the labor cost and time cost are increasing, making the product more humanized, which is also a key point for our company to consider when designing products. Fourth, anti-crash function is required: the vehicle-mounted environment is complex, and various accidents may occur to ensure that the equipment can automatically recover after accidents occur, which is also an important condition for selecting products. Fifth, the simplicity of data backup should be considered: customers need to save the video data when an accident occurs, and the convenience of backup should be considered when selecting vehicle-mounted video recorder products, and the function of direct copy and backup of files is required. Second, the power supply design of the vehicle-mounted video recorder the power supply design of the vehicle-mounted video recorder is very particular. Because the automobile power supply mainly comes from the automobile battery, the voltage output by the battery is very unstable during the starting and driving process of the automobile, especially when the ignition voltage will be pulled very low by the engine, when stepping on the accelerator, the voltage may rise very high, and the occasional instantaneous voltage may exceed 48 V. Therefore, the power supply design of the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder product is required to adapt to this environment. The working voltage range of the company's vehicle-mounted U disk video recorder is 12 V- 36V wide voltage design, impact voltage range is 7V ~ 60 V, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment at low pressure and protect the equipment from damage when instantaneous high pressure occurs. Third, the design of the file system of the vehicle-mounted video recorder, the vehicle-mounted video recorder can be said to be a new product, and many manufacturers have no experience in designing the file system, at present, many vehicle-mounted video recorders in the market are extended to ordinary DVR file systems, which are very fragile and cannot cope with various abnormal situations arising from the use of vehicles, for example, incomplete files caused by sudden power failure, disapproval of disks when replacing hard disks, and abnormal playback of broken files. With more than ten years of file system design and four years of research and development experience in vehicle-mounted video recorders, the company has developed a special file system for vehicle-mounted video recorders, which has strong stability, the system will not fail to work properly due to various abnormal conditions. Fourth, the shockproof design of the vehicle-mounted video recorder, rubber shockproof is the traditional shockproof method of the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder, but due to the poor aging resistance of rubber, it is gradually replaced by spring shockproof, in the spring shock, the steel wire spring is the best. In order to pursue small volume, some products reduce the requirements of shockproof design, which will have a great negative impact on the stability of the products. To sum up, the choice of vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder products must be made by manufacturers with strong technical strength. The functions of the products should be practical, and they should not be greedy for all functions, often some 'advanced' functions are just the gimmicks of the manufacturers, and they may not be used when the products are eliminated. Stability is the foundation of the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder, and the product quality cannot be reduced due to the price factor, otherwise the subsequent maintenance cost will far exceed the money saved when purchasing the product, moreover, the mental troubles brought about by this are not constant by money.
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