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How to use the infrared medium-speed smart dome

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-21
?The metering device of the infrared medium-speed smart dome camera automatically detects the ambient illuminance. When the color brick black switching threshold is reached, the high-speed dome camera will automatically switch from color to black and white mode, and the infrared medium-speed smart dome camera will also switch simultaneously. Go to night mode. In addition, the infrared light is turned on to supplement the light to improve the brightness of the monitored image. In order to ensure that close-range monitoring will not cause overexposure and obvious 'flashlight' effects due to the infrared light being too bright, long-distance monitoring may cause the image to be too dark and the focus to be unstable due to the distance. Infrared light intelligent automatic control technology will only turn on large angles at short distances and illuminate near-infrared lights; according to the zoom ratio of the camera ZOOM (such as> 7XZOOM zoom, it will turn on small angles and long-range infrared light. Long-range infrared light irradiation angle and intensity requirements. Nowadays people's awareness of security is getting stronger and stronger, cameras are installed in many places, ordinary cameras are easy to install, and infrared medium-speed smart dome cameras are relatively difficult. Provide some tips for installing high-speed dome cameras. The normal operation of the dome camera and extending the life of the infrared medium-speed smart dome camera can help. 1) Handle the infrared medium-speed smart dome camera lightly, and do not carry the core wire. Because the high-speed ball chip has a high degree of integration, the original is sensitive, and the device may be damaged by vibration. The core wire of the high-speed ball is connected to the conductive slip ring interface. It is easy to have a bad interface by directly lifting the core wire. Hold the smart high-speed ball. 2) Select the appropriate power supply. If the power supply is too high, the high-speed ball will be burned out. If the power supply is too small, it will not reach the rated power of the high-speed ball. As a result, the capacitance of the main control board is continuously discharged, which damages components and even shortens the life of the high-speed ball. 3) distinguish between RS485 protocol communication line and power line. If RS485 is connected to the power supply, the high-speed ball may be burned on the spot, so make a relevant mark for your own convenience and future maintenance. 4) During the installation, the power cord should be led near the high-speed dome and have a proper length. 5) The mode of centralized power supply cannot be used. The high-speed dome's centralized power supply voltage will sometimes be insufficient, especially in thunderstorm weather, resistance increases, and insufficient power supply will likely cause the high-speed dome motherboard to burn out. 6) Differentiate the use environment of high speed dome. Outdoor installation must be strictly waterproofed. Once water penetrates into the high-speed ball, the impact on the equipment is very large. Usually not professional construction personnel, it is not recommended to hoist outdoors.
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