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Precautions for installation of car video terminal

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-13
The car video terminal is one of the core devices in the car monitoring system. If the car video terminal fails to operate normally, it will directly affect the entire vehicle monitoring system. Therefore, the correct installation and use of in-vehicle video terminals can effectively avoid the occurrence of such events. ?????? 1. The on-board video terminal must be installed in a firm position to prevent damage caused by loose equipment; ?????? 2. The external wiring materials of the car video terminal need to have sufficient space and protection to ensure that there will be no leakage due to long-term vibration and wear; ?????? 3. Do not install the on-board video terminal near heat sources (such as engines, etc.). It should be installed in the ventilated part of the vehicle to facilitate the heat dissipation of the equipment; ?????? 4. The on-board video terminal should be installed in the part where the vehicle vibration amplitude is weak as much as possible. It is recommended that it can be installed behind the driver's seat or in front of the vehicle; ?????? 5. The on-board video terminal equipment must be installed horizontally. Any other installation method will damage the equipment; ?????? 6. Need to consider whether there is space to pull out the hard disk box of the car at the installation location.
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