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School bus video surveillance has become a hard

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-18
The school bus is related to the safety of students going to and from school. According to relevant national and provincial regulations, the school bus must be installed with a satellite monitoring and positioning system. At the same time, the school bus video monitoring has become a mandatory requirement for school bus audits. School bus video surveillance Recently, a school bus owner reported that when they checked the bus, they found that a 3G video monitoring and positioning system must be installed on the bus, otherwise it would not pass the inspection. However, these school buses have been equipped with GPS as required before, but there is no video monitoring function. For these requirements, some car owners find it incomprehensible. What does (3G video) do? Its main function is to monitor itself and monitor itself. It seems that there are several cameras in it. The driver operates in this school bus and the situation of these teachers and children (school) can be seen clearly. According to the requirements of a certain city's education bureau, the school bus should be equipped with a satellite positioning device with real-time monitoring function of driving records. According to the requirements, the school bus is not only equipped with GPS, which can monitor the trajectory of the school bus, but also must be able to monitor the school bus in real time. School bus monitoring Relevant staff said that the school bus does not pass the inspection without the 3G video surveillance function, but this is not their requirement, but the traffic police department of the jurisdiction.
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