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Solution to the flicker of the car camera

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-04
?There have been customers and some people who have reported that the rear-view rear-view car camera installed will have a splash screen and image jitter. It will always say that we have problems with the products of Qipan Technology; despite the explanations and solutions, we still have trouble from customers . Now tell you about this problem, so that more friends can understand and solve it. Often, the Volkswagen series is the main feedback (not like the Japanese), which is caused by the large pulse voltage of European and American cars. For example, for some Volkswagen models, after the engine is started, the output voltage interferes a lot. The power for the back-up lights is not pure DC power, but a pulse signal is superimposed on it, measured with an oscilloscope. Similar to a square wave signal. If the power supply line of the reversing camera without a filter is directly on the reversing light, the reversing camera does not work properly due to the extremely unstable operating voltage, and the output video signal is abnormal, so you will see a black and white picture on the host. Either there is severe interference, jitter, or the reversing screen is not switched. Usually we have two methods to solve this problem as follows. 1. Add relay: Generally add a relay to solve this problem. The relay is connected in series between the normal fire and the power of the reversing camera. Because there are many connections to the relay, if there are interference problems such as jitter, please connect the following two points: first, the relay always fires the battery; second, the vehicle camera power ground and video ground are directly connected to the body iron. Water ripple can refer to the next method plus RC or LC filter circuit. We have provided a reference for the wiring method of the relay. Please friends to search on the website of Qipan Technology. 2, add a filter: Adding a filter is to add a level of filter circuit to the power line of the reversing lamp. After filtering the pulse power, a DC power is formed and then the vehicle camera is powered. You can completely eliminate the horizontal fringe interference and jitter on the screen.
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