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The actual installation plan and precautions of

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-17
At present, the functions of car DVR products on the market are becoming more and more perfect, but the quality and practicality are not satisfactory, and the after-sales service and technical support are also uneven. Tethwell professionals introduce you to the actual car installation plan and precautions: 1. The long-distance bus has the characteristics of complicated road conditions, fast speed, and long body. It is recommended to install two or more hemisphere cameras to monitor the doors and the interior of the vehicle. Carry out surveillance video at the baggage claim. Second, the bus is crowded, and the environment inside the bus is relatively poor. Therefore, the vehicle-mounted hard disk recorder is required to have higher performance in earthquake resistance and temperature adaptation. On a bus without air conditioning, the temperature in the car in the south can reach about 50 degrees in the summer, and the temperature in the north can reach -20 degrees or even lower. In this environment, it is difficult to achieve the car hard disk recorder without good characteristics. This is required. On a car that does not have a good shock resistance, the shock resistance is also unachievable with ordinary hard disk recorders. To monitor no blind spots and dead ends, it is best to install four car cameras. Vehicle monitoring 3. Equipped with on-board hard disk recorders in public security, firefighting, and urban management law enforcement vehicles. This is very common in many developed countries abroad, and has gradually emerged in China. Car DVR can record law enforcement personnel. 4. Other special vehicles such as postal vehicles; banknote transport vehicles; hospital emergency vehicles; school student pick-up vehicles; logistics distribution vehicles; customs supervision vehicles and dangerous goods transport vehicles, etc. can be installed with 1-4 cameras according to monitoring needs, and infrared can be selected Waterproof type or telephoto zoom type. 5. Car DVR is recommended to be installed behind the driver's seat or on the luggage rack. Pay attention to the following points during installation: a. The car DVR should be installed horizontally, more than 20cm away from the ground of the car, and a protective box must be installed if possible; b. The on-board hard disk recorder must be installed firmly; c. The on-board hard disk recorder cannot be installed near the engine (too hot) or where it cannot dissipate heat. The distance between the machine and the machine must be at least 15-20CM to ensure ventilation and heat dissipation; The design is non-hermetic, so pay attention to waterproofing. Vehicle monitoring installation 6. The power supply of the car DVR is a wide voltage input DC to DC switching power supply. It is suitable for 12V and 24V cars. The input power is between 60-100 watts. The access wire diameter is not less than 2.5 square millimeters. The positive pole of the power cord must be connected. Connect the 10A fuse in series with the positive pole of the battery and the end close to the battery. The negative pole can be grounded near the body, but the grounding resistance must be less than 0.5 ohm. The machine output camera power cable can use 1.5 square millimeters of national standard double-row insulated sheathed wire, and the camera video cable can use copper braided 75-4 coaxial cable of more than 96 series. The exposed metal interface must be wrapped with adhesive tape to avoid short circuit. Car DVR Seven. The maximum output power of the power supply is 60 watts, which supports the machine itself and up to four cameras and pickups. It is not allowed to connect other electrical equipment. 8. In order to facilitate the timely and efficient management of the management, it is recommended that the affiliated company purchase n + 1 vehicle-mounted hard disk recorders, the use of 'n' is the number of planned installation vehicles, '1' is the company used to broadcast the video data of each vehicle, and also Can be used as an office environment monitor.
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