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The automotive camera industry has entered a growth stage

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-06
The initial appearance of the camera-based camera industry chain is expected to exceed 110 million units. The electronics industry is characterized by the need for new products to open the next growth cycle, and smart cars will be the new strong growth point for cameras. The industry has entered its own growth period, and has its own obvious advantages. The wide application and low cost of the on-board camera will become the most used sensor in the future automotive intelligence. Related industry policies are also driving the development of vehicle cameras. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires that all light vehicles manufactured after May 1, 2018 must be equipped with a rearview camera. Xinsijie Industry Research Center estimates that global shipments of vehicle cameras will increase from 28 million in 2014 to 82.7 million in 2020. Demand for vehicle cameras will exceed 110 million in 2023, with an average of more than one per vehicle. Vision ADAS uses a camera to collect image information and analyze the road environment in the image through an algorithm. Therefore, the camera-based vision system ADAS can implement special functions such as road sign recognition, lane line sensing, pedestrian recognition, and vehicle recognition, which are widely used. In addition, the same camera can integrate many different functions through adjustment algorithms. Cost and functional diversity bring great advantages to vision sensors. According to the needs of different ADAS functions, the installation positions of the cameras are also different. It is mainly divided into front view, rear view, side view and built-in. A full set of ADAS functions for automatic driving will install more than 6 cameras, which also brings a huge market space for vehicle camera sensors. According to the 'In-depth Investigation and Analysis of Investment Prospect Forecast of the Automotive Camera Industry Market 2019-2024' released by Xinsijie Industrial Research Center, in 2018, China's automotive camera shipments reached 28 million units. We predict that the growth rate will be the most obvious in 2020 and 2021, and that the domestic vehicle camera market will reach 5.27 billion yuan in 2023. In view of the growing trend of in-vehicle cameras, leading mobile phone camera companies have also taken action. Ophelia invested 5 billion yuan in smart driving, and the mobile phone camera advanced into the car camera, and the layout: in early 2016, Sony implemented a personnel and institutional reform plan. In the institutional reform plan, a new vehicle division, a module division and a product development division will be established. The purpose of this move is to strengthen the image sensor business; Daliguang has also increased the research and development of automotive lenses. The automotive camera industry chain is mainly controlled by Japanese and Korean manufacturers. The module technology is the most technically difficult part. 2017 is the first year that domestic camera companies have entered the automotive industry on a large scale, and China's automotive camera industry chain has begun to take shape. Xinsijie industry researchers believe that the car camera is conservatively estimated to have 30 times growth space, and domestic companies are deploying one after another, which is the blue ocean in the blue ocean.
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