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The best way to take electricity from the driving recorder

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-26
There are many ways to take electricity from the driving recorder, including the cigarette lighter, the reading lamp and the safety box. More people will choose to connect the cigarette lighter, which is easier and faster to install. However, many people will plug in a USB adapter on the cigarette lighter to charge the mobile phone. If the tachograph is connected to the cigarette lighter, it will occupy the charging socket of the mobile phone, just thinking about cutting the tachograph line to usb, is this OK? It is possible to cut off the driving recorder line and connect it to usb. Find the appropriate usb power cord, cut off the original plug of the driving recorder, there will be two red and black lines, and then cut off the usb power cord to reveal four red, white, green and black lines, just connect the red and black lines. However, whether the driving recorder is connected to the cigarette lighter or the USB port, the power cord cannot be completely hidden and is not beautiful. Many car owners do not like this way of taking electricity. The best way to take electricity from the tachograph is to connect the safety box, because the power cord can be well hidden. Cut off the power line of the recorder, connect the electrical appliance to the positive pole, then plug the power line in along the gap between the roof and the windshield, wire to the-pillar, then pull the sealing strip on the door, and plug the wire in, go straight to the safety box, take the appliance and insert it into ACC, and tighten the negative pole.
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