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The history of car monitoring

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-28
Car DVR belongs to the segment market of traditional embedded DVR, it is an emerging special product developed with the application of digital video and audio coding technology in vehicles. Car DVR is also called car DVR. It combines advanced technologies such as digital video and audio codec, harsh environment large-capacity data storage, automotive electronics, wireless video network transmission, GPD satellite positioning, etc. to achieve special vehicles, passenger transportation and other private cars. Carry out audio and video monitoring. ? The on-board video surveillance system is mainly composed of on-board terminals, wireless network transmission subsystem, and central management platform. ? In-vehicle terminals (that is, in-vehicle DVR), in addition to the traditional recording function, should also have: GPS satellite positioning, 3G wireless network transmission, multimedia advertising entertainment video broadcasting and other functions; ? Wireless network transmission subsystem, the system can use the operator's 3G network system for real-time wireless network transmission of data; ? The central management platform performs unified management of the system, assigns user and terminal rights, manages streaming media forwarding of video data, and data information interaction functions. ?Vehicle surveillance is a new type of video surveillance equipment designed specifically for the field of vehicle security. It uses an embedded processor and embedded operating system, suitable for all types of vehicles for 24-hour monitoring. The product can perform audio and video simultaneous recording, global positioning, wireless audio and video real-time transmission, and at the same time reserve a variety of interfaces on the host, which can be connected to vehicle-mounted equipment such as vehicle display, IC card vehicle, signal priority control system, passenger flow statistics system, etc. Fully consider the expansion needs of users. The product has a compact and simple appearance, low power consumption, no noise, flexible and convenient installation, stable system operation, and can be widely used in public transportation, long-distance passenger transportation, tourist buses, logistics and freight transportation, police law enforcement vehicles, trains, subways, ships, aircraft and other mobile transportation tool.
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