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The important development process of vehicle-mounted video recorder

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-26
The development history of on-board monitoring can also be said to be the innovation history of on-board video recorder shockproof system and power management system. Here is a brief description of the three important technological innovations of on-board video recorder in the past 10 years ,( Some minor repairs that are not very critical will not be mentioned) The generation of the first car was derived from the ordinary monitoring hard disk video recorder. Due to the lack of backward technology and experience, the first generation of vehicle-mounted inevitably has many problems. The most important thing is the shortage of power supply system and shock-proof system. The first generation of vehicle-mounted power supply system adopts relatively simple voltage transformation technology, this is the main reason why the first generation of cars always burn the motherboard; The shockproof system is also very simple, using ordinary rubber column shockproof (Similar to the figure) This is also an important reason why the first generation of car-mounted hard disk recorders are easy to break hard disks. Due to the slow development of the market, the first generation of vehicles did not have a relatively breakthrough change until around 2008. However, due to the low cost of the first generation of shockproof systems, there are still some low-end video recorders still using this old and backward shockproof device. The second generation of on-board vehicles: In 2008, about 20 thousand buses in Shenzhen public transportation were installed with on-board monitoring, thus igniting the engine of the on-board monitoring market and the on-board video recorder has developed rapidly. The concept of wide voltage is introduced into the vehicle-mounted power supply system, which greatly improves the problem of burning the machine; The shockproof system has also been significantly upgraded, using a four-point suspension shockproof method (Similar to the figure) It solves the buffering of up and down and front and back vibrations, and greatly improves the shock resistance; During this period of time, there have also been some other less successful shockproof methods, such as steel wire shockproof, oil bladder shockproof, etc. The second generation of vehicle-mounted vehicles also has extended applications in practical functions, and GPS positioning and 3G remote monitoring have been applied; Due to the restriction of shockproof capability, SD card video recorder was also derived during this period, which provided convenience for some users who do not need to save long-term video recording. The third generation of vehicle-mounted monitoring: due to the rapid expansion of the vehicle-mounted monitoring market, the experience of vehicle-mounted monitoring has been accumulated and the technology has been improved. With the batch use of products, some original technical deficiencies have also emerged, which will be around 2012, some powerful manufacturers have redesigned and improved their products. In terms of power supply, on the basis of the original wide voltage, the pulse voltage automatic protection function is added, and the UPS endurance can cope with data damage caused by sudden power failure ( These are the key factors to ensure the low failure rate of on-board video recorders); In terms of shockproof, it adopts miniaturization and lightweight design, is highly integrated, and reduces the volume and weight to a minimum, effectively reducing the burden on the shockproof system. In terms of shockproof devices, it adopts a three-stage embrace shockproof method, it effectively resolves the true power in all directions of the complex road surface and the high-frequency vibration of the engine, and avoids the generation of resonance. In terms of storage, double vault (Can hard disk SD card at the same time) Disk error correction technology, automatic repair technology and redundant data storage technology are adopted to effectively solve the problem that the machine often does not record ( These are the key factors to ensure low disk failure rate); Convenience: provide a variety of interface docking control additional products, standardized interface design, the details are considered perfectly; 4G starts to apply; National standards began to be implemented. The next generation of on-board vehicles will be a leap from the original acquisition of analog signal video to digital high-definition signal video. Our high-definition on-board vehicles are already in the research and development testing stage and will be released soon. Please look forward to it patiently.
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