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The reversing image camera is not installed in the middle of the rear of the car?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-29
The reversing image camera is not installed in the middle of the rear of the car? What is the specific reason? Let's take a look at it together with the reversing camera manufacturer Tuopu Fei and you. Reversing camera reversing image camera can be installed in the middle of the rear of the car. Of course, it is best. If the installation is too left or right, the shooting effect may not be so good, and the synthetic image may be distorted. However, in reality, the installation of the video camera on the car will be affected by other factors, such as the license plate light in the middle of the car, the trunk switch, and the shape of the middle does not conform to the installation angle of the camera. It has no effect on the quality of the reversing picture, but it has an effect on the angle of the recorded picture. For example, if the installation is on the left, then the angle of the picture recorded on the right is less, there are more pictures recorded on the left, which will affect the visual angle and distance judgment of reversing, thus easily causing reversing safety accidents. The same picture definition refers to the angle of the captured picture. The ix35 camera you refer to is installed on the left. When it is installed, adjust the installation angle and tilt the camera lens to the right, it is not installed vertically. The reversing camera is like a mobile phone camera. If it is not in the center of the rear bumper, you cannot completely see the correct environment behind the car. Partial, it is only part, not complete, so it is useless. It is dangerous to look at such a reversing image. Basically no effect, the reversing camera uses a wide-angle lens, and the visual range is relatively large.
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