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Video surveillance of muck vehicles

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-27
Why is the illegal slag car repeatedly banned? The fundamental reason is to pursue economic interests to catch up with the construction period. In order to catch up with the construction period, many construction site owners do not implement the standard of truck load limit and relax the management requirements. Drivers of illegal muck trucks also have difficulties. The income of many drivers is calculated based on the basic salary plus the tonnage or the number of trips. The amount of each car loaded with muck is determined by the site owner, for their own economic interests, they all require as much equipment as possible and adopt overloading or speeding to obtain more income. In order to evade the law enforcement department, the driver of the slag car often adopts the method of 'Hide and Seek', taking advantage of the transportation in the middle of the night to avoid investigation and punishment, resulting in greater difficulty in supervision. To control the slag car, we should improve the joint work mechanism of joint law enforcement and joint management. In response to problems such as insufficient law enforcement power, it is possible to employ mass supervisors and reward reports to mobilize the masses to participate in supervision and management, so that more eyes can focus on the slag car and the driver dare not violate the law. On the basis of 'marking people', then stare at the 'land '. Carry out effective rectification and standardized management of muck trucks, all construction sites, construction waste and muck disposal sites within the area, eliminate muck truck chaos from the source, and investigate the construction sites of projects under construction, focus on investigating and handling the construction waste leakage of the slag truck, the road contaminated by the wheel with mud, and the excessive loading of the transport vehicle, the untidy body, and the lack of tightness. On the premise that the conditions are ripe, the construction waste transportation vehicle of the transportation company is installed with a supervision system, which is upgraded from 'marking people' to 'staring vehicles '. For example, the GPS supervision system will be installed on the construction waste transportation vehicles of more than 5 tons in the city. The traffic police urban management department can effectively manage the information such as the driving track, parking time and location on the slag vehicle video monitoring platform, and timely discover the abnormal conditions of the road network, construction site and construction waste transportation system. These special rectification plans for muck vehicles are very worthy of reference by every city manager.
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