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What if the driving recorder does not start with the car?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-27
Driving Recorder has now become a necessary vehicle-mounted equipment for automobiles and has become very popular. However, it is inevitable to encounter some problems when using, for example, the driving recorder is not powered on. I believe that many friends have encountered this situation, what is the cause? Let's learn about it together. The driving recorder does not start when powered on, which may be due to poor power contact. Check whether the power-taking interface is loose. If there is no problem, check whether the driving recorder line is damaged or broken. If it is not a line problem, the tachograph is damaged and needs to be repaired. There are also many friends who encounter the problem that the driving recorder does not start with the car. What is the situation? What should I do? There are many reasons why the driving recorder does not start with the car, including battery power supply, loose power supply or machine damage, which need specific analysis. 1. The driving recorder uses battery power supply. If the driving recorder uses battery power supply and is not connected to the car power supply, the driving recorder does not start with the car and needs to be turned on manually. This situation can change the power supply mode of the driving recorder, connect the car to the normal power, and use the car battery to supply power. 2. Loose power supply if the power cord or plug connecting the car and recorder is loose, it will also cause the driving recorder not to start with the car. It needs to be checked carefully. If it is loose, connect it well. 3. Damage. If the driving recorder is connected to the power supply of the car and the power supply is well connected, it may be caused by machine damage and needs to be overhauled or replaced by professionals.
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