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What is the difference between a CCD high-speed

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-01
??????CCD and CMOS are image sensors for cameras, they are responsible for converting light into electronic signals. But many friends have a question, is there any difference between the two? Will they affect image quality or camera price? ??????Image sensors, also known as light-sensitive devices, are very central components in high-speed cameras. ??????CCD (Charged Coupling Devices), also known as charge coupled devices. The CCD image sensor can directly convert the optical signal into an analog current signal, and the charge of each dedicated channel will be amplified and analog-to-digital converted to form an image. ??????Because it uses a special 'amplifier' manufacturing process, the charge is not distorted when it is transferred on the chip. Therefore, CCD can produce high-definition images, which is more secure in terms of fidelity and light sensitivity. But also because of this special manufacturing process, the CCD is more expensive than the CMOS device, and it is inferior in image processing speed. High cost and large power consumption have restricted its development to a certain extent. ??????CCD is a relatively traditional technology, which has been widely used in the 1990s, and is mostly used in transportation, medical, astronomy and other fields that require high pixels. ??????CMOS CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor), also known as complementary metal oxide semiconductor. CMOS sensors have no complicated processing process, and can directly convert the photoelectric signals generated by image semiconductors into digital signals. The processing speed is fast and the energy consumption is low, but the image quality produced by CMOS devices is lower than that of CCD. ??????CMOS is actually developed by the enterprise to replace the CCD, and its price is much lower than that of the CCD. It is precisely because of the CMOS process that the price of digital cameras has been reduced to a certain extent. In general, CMOS sensors are suitable for applications where image noise and quality requirements are not particularly high. The difference between CCD high speed camera and CMOS high speed camera: ??????From the table above, we can see that CCD high-speed cameras and CMOS high-speed cameras have their own advantages and disadvantages. They also occupy a certain share in the market. However, compared with CCD cameras that have more defects (complex technology, expensive, and inconvenient to use), the low image resolution of CMOS is easier to improve. Nowadays, CMOS has made great breakthroughs in manufacturing processes and impact processing technologies, and the industry is more optimistic about the development of CMOS. Some people even predicted that image sensors will enter the 'CMOS' era.
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