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Why does the driving recorder automatically shut down?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-26
The current driving recorder basically has an internal power supply and an external power supply interface. The internal power supply is generally a lithium battery, while the external power supply is generally powered by a cigarette lighter. When the car is not in use, it can rely on the electricity stored in the built-in battery to continue recording for a period of time, but sometimes, the driving recorder will automatically shut down. What is the situation? When there is no car power supply, the driving recorder will soon run out of power. If the driving recorder has parking monitoring and is not connected to the car's normal power, it will rely on the built-in battery to supply power. For safety reasons, the built-in battery capacity of the recorder is usually very small, and the battery life is very poor, which can only last for about 20 hours. The driving recorder automatically shuts down, which may also be caused by poor contact or damage of the power connector. The car will be powered by the built-in battery. Once the battery is low, it will automatically shut down and connect or replace the new power cord. If the driving recorder cannot be used normally after the car is turned off, it means that the battery is not stored or damaged, and a new battery can be replaced. Disassemble the driving recorder, remove the battery from the circuit board, and then weld the positive and negative electrodes of the new battery to the original position.
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