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Car camera returns you all the way

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-11
Car camera is actually a car camera installed on the car, generally the whole car is the main camera. The camera power is connected to the rear taillight. When the reverse gear is engaged, the camera synchronizes the power supply and enters the working state. The collected video information is sent to the wireless receiver placed at the front of the car through the wireless transmitter. The receiver sends the video information through the AV The IN interface is transmitted to the GPS navigator. In this way, when the receiver receives the signal, no matter the GPS navigator is in any kind of operation interface, the LCD screen will be given priority for reversing image video. With a car camera, you can protect the legitimate rights and interests of the driver. If you often walk on the road, you ca n’t scrape it. Many people crossing the road and bicycles and motorcycles are scrambling on the road. Scratching, or encountering professional porcelain, if you have a car camera, you can provide effective evidence for yourself, reducing a lot of trouble and loss. With on-board cameras, you can quickly evacuate the scene to restore traffic, while retaining valid evidence at the time of the incident, and creating a safe and smooth traffic environment. If there is a traffic accident, the on-board camera will facilitate traffic police enforcement, playback of the surveillance video recording, the responsibility of the accident is clear at a glance, and the traffic police handles the accident quickly and accurately. For friends who like to drive by car, you can also use a car camera to record your difficult and conquering process, such as going to the Sichuan-Tibet line, you can use him to restore your difficult journey along the way, fun!
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