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Car monitoring is safe, making the journey more secure

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-27
Bus is an important existence connecting the good relationship between cities. It carries the way of communication between people and is related to the communication and communication effect between cities. I believe that many people have taken buses more or less, with large size and fast speed. Buses driving on the road give passers-by a feeling of being at a respectful distance, the super-confident driving skills of the-license driver make the bus 'domineering'. Passengers from all over the world are also prone to disputes due to different languages and habits, which makes the bus management personnel headache, while managing the driver's daily driving habits, he must be busy solving the contradictions and disputes between passengers. In addition, although the driver's license of the bus is the highest A- level, the accident rate of the bus is not low due to the driver, other vehicles or roads, in order to effectively correct drivers' bad driving habits, monitor passengers' behaviors and the road conditions of vehicles, many bus operators have introduced vehicle monitoring systems to effectively monitor the inside and outside of vehicles in real time and master relevant information. Topfi is a cooperative unit of many bus operation enterprises. The company's team has more than ten years of experience in video surveillance research and development and manufacturing. It not only has rich vehicle video recording and camera shooting equipment, but also has many successful cases, it is extremely well-known in the industry. Its car monitoring system includes professional cameras such as in-car, side view, reversing, roof and so on, as well as on-board video recorders, car monitoring application platforms, urban traffic management platforms and so on, all-round 360 ° to protect the safety of the car. Topfi is the favorite choice of the bus company. In view of the current situation of frequent bus traffic accidents, topfei actively responded to the needs of relevant departments to study and update the car monitoring system, the 3G/4G vehicle-mounted intelligent monitoring system solution is introduced to solve the problems of bus enterprise managers. Its equipment can not only monitor vehicles in all directions without dead corners, it is also specially equipped with audio and video, GPS, alarm data coding and storage functions, and uploads the stored data. Specially equipped remote management operations such as equipment remote upgrade, parameter modification, digital intercom, remote snapshot, etc. enable managers to manage the fleet in real time only by having the account number and password of the authorized vehicle management system, effectively monitor the driving behavior of bus drivers and the status of passengers, and ensure the safety of passengers and other legitimate rights and interests. At first, Qingdao bus operators had doubts about the operation and management methods of the system, believing that the application of such complicated equipment is complicated, however, topfit is equipped with a specialist to give theoretical explanation and practical teaching to the company's leaders, managers and drivers. Professional explanation and practical exercises enable the company's leaders to master relevant principles quickly and get started quickly, the staff of tuopfei conducted a one-to-one on-site drill for the bus driver of the enterprise to make the driver realize the practicability and necessity of the equipment. Later, they also paid a return visit to the enterprise on the use method and effect of the equipment, make sure that the on-board video monitoring equipment of topphine is fully applied to the bus driving, and improve the work efficiency of enterprise managers. The high-quality high-definition monitoring equipment and considerate and in-place service make Qingdao bus staff praise again and again, and reached a long-term cooperation consensus. The car monitoring system launched by topfei, from the front-end hardware equipment to the back-end system management platform, can form an all-round monitoring management for both urban public transportation and bus vehicles, including various detection and alarm of vehicles, fatigue detection and early warning of drivers, monitoring of driving behavior, video monitoring and positioning, etc. to ensure driving safety. The development of urbanization is getting faster and faster, and the number of buses is increasing with the development of society. The safety of driving is concerned with every passenger, driver, manager and related relatives and friends, topfi uses intelligent management methods to protect people's interests, so that car monitoring can be safely accompanied and the journey can be more reassuring.
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