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Why public transportation vehicles should install

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-21
For public transportation, the installation of on-board video surveillance terminal is not only to protect the safety of passengers, but also to prevent accidents, especially in the event of collisions or traffic accidents. , The same is true in the field of passenger buses, which needs to be popularized. Vehicle monitoring system is mainly divided into vehicle terminal equipment, transmission network and central management system. Transmission network monitoring can choose different standard communication networks. At present, domestic 3G / 4G wireless video surveillance has entered the growth period, especially in the field of school buses, buses and transportation, from a single vehicle system to 3G / 4G surveillance. Collect and master information on vehicle conditions, driving safety and vehicle dynamics. The emergence of on-board video surveillance terminals has solved some confusions of some departments. The camera can monitor the whole process while the vehicle is traveling. The captured video images are stored in the hard disk recorder. Once an accident or accident occurs, the information in the on-board DVR can be exported for Retrieve and view. Vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal With the increase of social recognition, various requirements at different levels have also emerged. The vehicle monitoring function is constantly being improved, and the scope of application will become wider and wider. To further understand the vehicle video surveillance terminal, the following analyzes the advantages of Texwell vehicle video surveillance terminal: ――Increase income and supervise cheating―― For some passengers and passengers present in public transportation companies, they take passengers privately during the transportation process, collect fees privately, and reach out to the coin box. As long as one or two cases a day for a car, the company will lose hundreds of yuan in a month Thousands of dollars were lost; with 3G remote network video system supervision, income can be increased and cheating can be strictly prevented. ――Improve services, provide Internet access―― In the course of public transportation, there will be some conflicts and disputes between passengers and passengers and passengers from time to time, resulting in frequent complaints by the company, especially when some passengers get off the luggage and items of others when they get off the bus, because There is no strong evidence to solve it, and the company's image is greatly affected. After the installation of the video recording system, it is possible to form effective control over the behavior of the occupants arriving at the station, driving and smoking at any time, and at the same time improve the quality of service. 3G / 4G wireless video system can also provide passengers with laptop computer access to Internet services at the same time. ――Improve safety, obtain evidence from accident―― Passenger cars have a long travel time, complicated road conditions and personnel, and many car gangs and road fighters, which are prone to safety problems. In particular, there are many cases of stealing, robbing, abducting, and cheating during the peak of the Spring Festival transportation. There are many cases of vicious traffic accidents. Drivers' illegal operations and serious overloads often occur. Through the network remote video monitoring and recording system, passenger transportation companies and management departments can always check whether the driver is illegal or overloaded through 3G network remote video at the same time, and the video data can be evidence of criminals' crimes. ――Improve management, track the whole process―― Real-time and comprehensive remote video monitoring and supervision of the driving status of public vehicles on the road, you can take pictures, videos and other methods to record the on-site environment of the vehicle's exercise in a variety of ways, such as the environment, road conditions, accident status, and personnel Work mental outlook, etc., remotely and effectively manage the fleet vehicles to go out and exercise, improve the company's management, and save costs, convenient and fast. Driving recorder Many manufacturers of in-vehicle video recorders on the market do not have the relevant production technology, resulting in a mixed market of in-vehicle video surveillance terminal markets, and the quality is also uneven. As a brand enterprise in the vehicle security industry, Texwell has unique technical advantages in the entire industry in video surveillance, large storage and positioning management.
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