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Working principle of car camera

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-07
The power of the camera is connected to the rear light of the reversing vehicle. When the reverse gear is engaged, the camera is synchronously powered to enter the working state, and the collected video information is sent to the wireless receiver located at the front of the car through the wireless transmitter, and the receiver passes the video information through the AV The IN interface is passed to the GPS navigator, so that when the receiver receives the signal, no matter what kind of operation interface the Gps navigator is in, the LCD screen will be preferentially provided for reversing video. The difference between the car camera and the car monitor and the car DVD navigator when using the portable GPS navigator. When using the car monitor, the car monitor does not need to be turned on and the car camera image will be automatically displayed as long as the car monitor is in the reverse gear; and the car DVD navigation is The image of the car camera can be displayed only when the power is turned on; when the portable GPS navigator is used, the image of the car camera can only be displayed when the navigator is turned on.
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