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On-vehicle hard disk recorder-railway passenger

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-28
In the past two years, various public security accidents in railway passenger transportation have gradually increased. Vicious fires, explosions and terrorist attacks have seriously threatened the safety of the country and passengers ’lives and property. Therefore, how to use the on-board hard disk video recorder to adapt to various harsh environments that the train passes through, realize real-time video monitoring, operation report statistics, service support, rich electronic map functions, seamless integration of video monitoring and GIS, improve the operation management and High-quality service level, so as to effectively improve on-vehicle security monitoring and management methods, improve security work efficiency, enhance on-vehicle security monitoring capabilities, and meet the needs of railway passenger transportation safety, is a real problem that needs to be solved urgently. Track vehicle monitoring With the maturity and widespread application of GPS satellite positioning technology, 3G / 4G communication technology, and GIS geographic information system technology, it has become possible to develop intelligent train management systems using the latest technology. According to the actual needs of current customers and using the existing information resources, the train car monitoring system should achieve the following goals in the future: Railway vehicle monitoring 1. Collect train video images and other related information to provide a basis for timely and accurate discovery of illegal and criminal activities, investigation and collection of evidence, handling of emergencies, equipment maintenance, etc., to achieve intelligent dispatch and precise management of trains. 2. The train and the control center can form a local area network, and the server is planned to be deployed in the control center. The control center sets up servers, terminals, storage and backup equipment, and projects video onto the video wall of the control center, so that the duty personnel can monitor the situation of the cars in real time. 3. A terminal is set on the vehicle, and the staff on duty can monitor the scene at any time and voice broadcast. 4. Introduce wireless communication technology, computer technology and network technology to achieve on-site monitoring and voice intercom, so that the overall quality of the train company has a qualitative leap, improve train operation management and quality service level. Based on the increasingly updated network technology and video coding technology, railway video surveillance systems have gradually developed towards networked and high-definition. It is believed that in the near future, the railway passenger transport monitoring system will integrate the latest technology and functions of the video monitoring system, and the application of intelligent analysis technology, and gradually form a comprehensive and practical management system to contribute to railway safety.
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